April Calendar Holidays and Observances In The U.S to Celebrate

April Calendar Holidays and Observances In The U.S to Celebrate

The Latin word for “open” is “aperire,” which gives April its name. It’s time to start anew, just like the flowers and trees, and shed your winter coat. This month is especially festive due to the abundance of holidays and special days.

There are many holidays, observances, and awareness days throughout the month to help you make the most of the season, including April Fools’ Day, Passover, and Easter (at least this year). Days like Nature Day, Find a Rainbow Day, Earth Day, and National Gardening Day are designed to get people outside and into nature.

When we start the month off with some harmless practical jokes, we remember not to take life too seriously. There’s bound to be a day that strikes your fancy, no matter how serious or frivolous the holiday.

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