Disney+ Schedule May 2023: Best New Movies and Show

Disney+ Schedule May 2023: Best New Movies and Show

May will be a bumper month for new original and classic content on Disney+ for US subscribers, with a brand new season of “Star Wars: Visions” and much more. Read on what movies and shows will dominate May 2023.

A Small Light – 2 Episode Premiere

A SMALL LIGHT tells the remarkable true story of Miep Gies (Bel Powley), a young, carefree, and opinionated woman – at a time when opinions got you killed – when her boss, Otto Frank (Liev Schreiber), asked her to help hide his family from the Nazis during WWII. Miep agreed without hesitation. For the next two years, she and her brave and devoted husband Jan (Joe Cole), along with several other everyday heroes, kept an eye on the Frank, van Pels, and Pfeffer families who were hiding in the secret annex.

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Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All

For the first time, global superstar Ed Sheeran provides a definitive and brutally honest look into his personal life while exploring the universal themes that inspire his music. This series follows Ed after he receives life-changing news, revealing his struggles and triumphs during the most difficult period of his life. The series, which blends exclusive, never-before-seen personal archive, present-day reality, authentic interviews with his wife and loved ones, and intimate performances in cinematic locations, broadens the lens to unearth what Sheeran thinks of the world, of himself, and of his music, as well as showcases a decade of hits enjoyed by subscribers worldwide.

Eureka! (S1, 6 episodes)

Eureka and Bog are paired up for a class project; when Murphy feels left out during a ski day, Eureka devises a way for everyone to participate.

Star Wars Visions – Volume 2

Following on from the Emmy Award®-nominated success of “Star Wars: Visions,” the latest iteration will continue to push the boundaries of “Star Wars” storytelling, with nine new shorts from nine different studios around the world. The second volume, which employs the most captivating animation styles from a variety of countries and cultures, offers a dynamic new perspective on the storied mythos of Star Wars.

El Guiri (Spain), Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), PunkRobot (Chile), Aardman (United Kingdom), Studio Mir (South Korea), Studio La Cachette (France), 88 Pictures (India), D’ART Shtajio (Japan), and Triggerfish (South Africa) created the shorts included in “Star Wars: Visions” Volume 2. The short film by D’ART Shtajio was created in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. (United States).

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

Set during The High Republic era, the animated series follows Jedi younglings as they study the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills needed to become Jedi along the way.

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Charles: In His Own Words

Until now, the United Kingdom has been without a king for nearly three-quarters of a century…

His Majesty King Charles III is unquestionably one of the world’s most famous and media-scrutinized public figures, but he is also one of the least understood. The King of the United Kingdom, once the longest-serving heir to the British throne, prepares for his official coronation in May while adjusting to a vastly different spotlight as sovereign. Is the world ready to separate the man from his public persona?

Disney Intertwined Live

Experience “Disney Intertwined Live” for yourself! The show includes original songs such as “Donde voy” and “Convénceme,” covers from the 1990s such as “Keep Living Without Your Love,” songs from the musical “Freaky Friday: A New Musical,” and current musical hits such as “Tacones Rojos” and “Vivir As.”

A Small Light – Episode 3 & 4

No episode details have been provided

The Muppets Mayhem

“The Muppets Mayhem” follows The Electric Mayhem Band — Dr. Teeth on vocals and keyboards, Animal on drums, Floyd Pepper on vocals and bass, Janice on vocals and lead guitar, Zoot on saxophone, and Lips on trumpet — as they embark on an epic, musical journey to record their first-ever studio album. The old-school Muppet band meets the modern music scene with the help of a driven young music executive, Nora Singh (Singh), as they attempt to record their first studio album.

Life Below Zero (S20)

Life can be lonely when your only neighbors are bears, wolves, and foxes. Add minus-60-degree days and a constant battle for the most basic necessities, and you have the daily struggles of Alaskans living in remote areas. This series transports viewers deep into an Alaskan winter, where they will meet tough, resilient residents who must stay one step ahead of storms and man-eating beasts in order to survive the season. When the nearest neighbor is more than 300 miles away, these Alaskans rely entirely on what they can hunt and forage. They catch fish for currency in exchange for supplies or travel with their sled dog packs. Also highlighted is a time of year that is not always visible to viewers.

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa (S4)

“Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa” is back for more wild adventures in the Sunshine State; ZooTampa’s stellar team of vets and animal care experts is dedicated to an exotic cast of animals ranging from African elephants to Florida panthers and Cuban iguanas.


“Crater” follows Caleb Channing (Russell-Bailey), who was raised on a lunar mining colony and is about to be permanently relocated to an idyllic faraway planet after his father (Mescudi) dies. To fulfill his father’s final wish, he and his three best friends, Dylan (Barratt), Borney (Hong), and Marcus (Boyce), as well as a new arrival from Earth, Addison (Grace), hijack a rover for one final adventure to explore a mysterious crater.

A Small Light – Episode 5 & 6

No episode details have been provided

Critter Fixers: Country Vets (S5)

Longtime friends Dr Hodges and Dr Ferguson own and operate Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital in rural Georgia, a bustling veterinary clinic that treats animals of all shapes and sizes.

Paris Johnson and her best friends form the We-B-Girlz skate crew, determined to demonstrate and prove that they have the sexiest skate routines on the planet.

A Small Light – Episode 7 & 8

No episode details have been provided

American Born Chinese

Based on Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel of the same name, “American Born Chinese” follows Jin Wang, a typical adolescent juggling his high school social life with his home life. When Jin meets a new foreign student on the first day of school, he becomes unwittingly entangled in a battle of Chinese mythological gods.

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life – Season 2 – Episodes 1-6

Our two little miscreants are back with even wilder and crazier adventures! Chip and Dale are as eager as ever to add to their acorn collection in their big city park. However, their volatile dynamic makes it difficult for things to ever go right. Along with Pluto, Donald, and other Disney characters, the world’s favorite chipmunk duo face a new challenge!

Kiff (S1, 4 episodes)

Kiff’s thirst for adventure leads her on numerous adventures throughout their city with her best friend, Barry.

Spidey and His Incredible Friends (S2, 5 episodes)

Spidey forms the Spidey Team with Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales, with some help from Spidey’s comical but loyal Spider-bot, Trace.

Wild Life

“Wild Life,” directed by Oscar winners Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, follows conservationist Kris Tompkins on an epic, decades-spanning love story as wild as the landscapes she has dedicated her life to protecting. After falling in love in their forties, Kris and the outdoorsman and entrepreneur Doug Tompkins abandoned the worlds of the massively successful outdoor brands they’d helped pioneer — Patagonia, The North Face, and Esprit — and focused on a visionary effort to create National Parks throughout Chile and Argentina. “Wild Life” follows them on their journey to complete the largest private land donation in history.

Firebuds (S1, 6 episodes)

Bo and his fire engine best friend, Flash, team up with their first responder friends to help others in their community with problems.

May 2

A Small Light (2 episodes)

May 3

Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All

Eureka! – Season 1

May 4

Star Wars: Visions – Volume 2

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures – Season 1

May 5

Charles: In His Own Words

Entrelazados Live!

May 9

A Small Light (2 episodes)

May 10

Life Below Zero – Season 20

The Muppets Mayhem

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa – Season 4

May 12


May 16

A Small Light (2 episodes)

May 17

Critter Fixers: Country Vets – Season 5

Saturdays – Season 1 (4 episodes)

May 23

A Small Light (2 episodes)

May 24

American Born Chinese

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life – Season 2

Kiff – Season 1 (4 episodes)

Spidey and His Amazing Friends – Season 2 (5 episodes)

May 26

Wild Life

May 31

Firebuds – Season 1 (6 episodes)

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