How Rich Is King Charles III: Fact-Check About £1.8 Billion Wealth

How Rich Is King Charles III: Fact-Check About £1.8 Billion Wealth

In order to estimate King Charles III’s wealth, The Guardian claimed to have consulted with 12 experts who have expertise in valuing real estate, automobiles, works of art, jewelry, and other items. This newspaper also includes a list of King Charles III’s stock holdings and gifts. The estimated personal wealth of King Charles III is £1.815 billion. This is three times as much as the Sunday Times’ most recent estimate, which excludes some of King Charles III’s most prized possessions.

There were many palaces, castles, and mansions owned by King Charles, but not all of them. For instance, the national government owns Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace. However, Charles received the two estates of Balmoral and Sandringham from Queen Elizabeth III.

Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, bought the Scottish Highlands’ Balmoral Estate in 1852. The Windsor family has lived there for more than 150 years. This land includes the expansive surrounding land in addition to the 21,725 hectare Balmoral castle grounds. Valuation of the Balmoral estate is £80 million.

Queen Victoria bought the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk in 1862 for her son. The estate was renovated by the British royal family, who turned it into a tourist destination with thousands of rental homes, 6,400 hectares of farmland, and commercial spaces. The worth of Sandringham is $250 million.

These two estates are exempt from inheritance tax thanks to a 1993 agreement Queen Elizabeth II made with the British government. The Queen consented to “voluntarily” pay tax on the estates and his personal income under the terms of the agreement. John Major, the British Prime Minister in office at the time, approved the British Kings’ exemption from inheritance tax.

King Charles III received approximately 70 racehorses from the late Queen Elizabeth II. One of them is a present the Emir of Dubai gave to the Queen. This racing team is thought to be worth at least £27 million in total. Charles has raised £2.3 million by selling several racehorses since the passing of his mother.

The stamp collection owned by the British Royal Family is regarded as the most valuable and expensive in existence. Thousands of stamps are part of this collection, one of which was acquired by Charles’ great-grandfather King George V from the colonies and the British Post Office. King Charles III now owns the collection, which four industry insiders estimate to be worth at least £100 million.

The Guardian reports that the royal fleet of 23 vehicles is used at Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace and Sandringham, King Charles III’s private estate in Norfolk. Some cars are owned by the King or loaned to the Windsor family by manufacturers. Others are held by the government-owned Crown fund, including a 1977 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI worth £1.3 million. The palace declined to confirm which car was personally owned by King Charles III, but the Guardian calculates that King Charles III’s personal car collection is worth up to £6.3 million.

In addition to horses and stamps, the British Royal Family also owns many expensive works of art they receive on foreign trips. Among them are works by two painters Marc Chagall and Salvador Dalí that Prince Philip was given as a gift.

Besides, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are both avid art collectors and have purchased many works at bargain prices. In particular, a painting by the painter Monet was bought by the Queen Mother for £2,000 right after the first world war. An art appraiser estimates the painting is now worth £20 million.

Three art appraisers estimate 60 pieces from a list of nearly 400 pieces on display in King Charles III’s “personal” collections to be worth £24 million. This figure is only an estimate of the publicly available pieces of the Windsor family’s collection of thousands of works.

The Windsor family’s private jewelery and gems collection is worth up to £533 million. They have been collected for generations, but mainly under Queen Mary – Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother – who bought the jewels massive and high value. Among them, some famous diamonds were valued by jewelry expert Laurence Krashes in 1989.

The Guardian estimates the Royals’ investments in shares of UK companies are now worth £142m. For decades, these investments were hidden by a shell company to avoid public scrutiny. In 1993, many Times journalists scoured the register of shares of FTSE 100 companies and found these investments.

The Principality of Lancaster – a vast expanse of land run like a business – provides the person sitting on the British throne with a lucrative income of around £20 million a year. All assets of the Principality of Lancaster are now owned by King Charles III, worth about £653 million, including companies, estates, agricultural factories…

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