Top 7 Quirky Drinks in Japan You Should Try

Top 7 Quirky Drinks in Japan You Should Try

Naturally, Japan has a large variety of its own tasty soft drink varieties, ranging from up-to-date sugar delights to reviving iced tea. This selection is both rich and fun.

Join KnowInsider as we take you on a wild ride through the top 7 unique beverages sold in Japan!

Now you are going to tell me “Fanta? But we also have Fanta in our country. There is nothing special about Fanta.” But hold on. The Fanta in Japan comes in the strangest flavors. For me, it is a lot of fun trying these different new Fanta flavors. So far, I have seen Mango, Peach, Melon, Lime, Strawberry and of course Grape.

As Japanese soda goes, Fanta is one of the best you can try. For my taste, they are all way too sweet as most soft drinks are but if you love Fanta it is a lot of fun to try all the different flavors you can find here in Japan.

While soy milk is becoming more and more popular all over the world with people who are health conscious or as a milk alternative for vegans or lactose intolerant people, Tonyu (豆乳) has been a popular Japanese drink for a long time.

Soy milk is produced by grinding soybeans in water. You can get this Japanese non-alcoholic drink not only in its natural flavor but with a wide variety of added flavors such as chocolate, banana, matcha, coffee or tea, and seasonal flavors such as Sakura or Ume (plum). The soy milk in Japan is most commonly sold in small 250 ml drink packs but you can also get it in 1-liter cartons like cow milk.

Best known for its adorable mascot, Qoo is a non-carbonated fruit drink invented by the Coca-Cola Company, marketed mainly towards children and teenagers. First appearing in 1999, Qoo is available in pretty much all of Asia, but not in the West – it was sold in exclusively in Germany, for a brief period of time.

Qoo is available in any convenience store and rarely in vending machines. As a Coca Cola product, however, it can be ordered at Japanese McDonald’s!

Ah yes, melon soda – although the bilious green color of this Japanese soft drink might seem scary, this is a favorite refreshment of many people all around Japan! The melon soda float version is particularly connected to a Japanese childhood. Find the sugary delight at convenience stores, sometimes in vending machines, and at chain stores such as Burger King and McDonald’s!

5. Clear Soda

Clear soda saw a boom in Japan in recent years. You could get a clear version of anything from Coca Cola to coffee.

The reason for this popularity is the Japanese work etiquette since you shouldn’t bring anything aside from water into a meeting in Japan. If you have a sweet drink that looks like water you can bring it with you to your next meeting with your client. Just take off the label.

Japan’s probiotic drink called Yakult is a success all around the world, but the yoghurt drink is a staple in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. There is even a job called “Yakult lady” – much like the States’ Avon ladies, the duties of a Yakult lady are to ride a bicycle or motorbike and go from door to door, selling and promoting the probiotic drink.

No matter if you like it sweet or bitter, Japan’s convenience stores and vending machines have a rich variety of original soft drinks that are sure to quench your thirst! Now your only job is to taste your way through each of them and find your favorite!

If you were wondering what the name of the Japanese drink with marble is, that’s Ramune (ラムネ). Ramune is a soft drink sold at festivals during summer all over Japan.

It is popular not only because of its refreshing taste but also because of the unique design of the bottle. The glass bottle is closed using a marble, to open it the marble is pushed into the bottle where it will rattle around while you drink it. Ramune is especially popular with children but also much older Japanese because of the nostalgia Ramune manages to evoke.

By the way, many people ask ‘Does Ramune have alcohol?’ and the answer is ‘No’. It’s a drink for children. It’s just soda, Ramune is not alcoholic.

If you are not only interested in drinks but also Japanese food check out what to eat in Japan. For sweets lovers, the flavors of soft-serve ice cream in Japan should be interesting. If you like this list, please share it with your friends and follow KnowInsider for more interesting news.

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