Most Auspicious Dates For Child Birth & C-Section In 2024, According to Chinese Calendar

Most Auspicious Dates For Child Birth & C-Section In 2024, According to Chinese Calendar

The time of birth of a child influences his or her future development. According to some studies, children born during certain seasons are more likely to have IQ and cognitive development issues.

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2024 is regarded as a favorable year for giving birth, particularly for those born in the year of the Dragon. According to feng shui concepts, people born in the year of the Dragon have the best fortune of the 12 zodiac animals. The reason for this is that they are associated with the golden dragon symbol, which brings prosperity and luck from birth.

People born in the year of Giap Thin are frequently expected to benefit from glory and wealth, but they must also deal with pressure in life. However, people born in this year often have a smooth and lucky life, and all of their plans often succeed and are convenient.

As a result, many families intend to have children in 2024 so that their children can reap the benefits of the Year of the Dragon and live a prosperous life.

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What will happen to children born in 2024?

This year’s children will have the Fire destiny – Big lamp fire, Oil lamp fire. This means that the year 2024 has dynamic and creative elements that can bring good fortune to those born in this year.

Earth and Wood are compatible elements in 2024, while Metal and Water are incompatible.

2024 has a trine with Monkey, Rat, and Dragon in the trine system.

Furthermore, the four opposing elements of 2024 are Dragon, Snake, Cat, and Rooster.

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Harvard University scientists discovered that children born in the fall and winter have superior brain development compared to other seasons after 8 years of research. Babies born in autumn and winter have 200g more brain weight and are 1cm taller than babies born in spring and summer.

Ms. Deborah Lawlor, a British epidemiologist and professor at the University of Bristol, has spent many years researching the relationship between birth season and human intelligence. Data show that the age at which children are born and their learning abilities are indeed linked.

A variety of environmental factors could explain why children born in the fall and winter have higher IQs. Harvard University researchers identified three factors related to this:

During pregnancy, the weather is cool and pleasant, which can make the mother feel more at ease and her mood more stable. A mother’s good mood and comfort can influence the development of the fetus.

Babies move freely: If they are born in the fall or winter, they may be able to crawl in the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. Children’s motor and cognitive development can be aided by free movement and exploration of their surroundings.

Children born after September who start school later may have more time to develop before entering kindergarten. A more developed brain can provide an advantage to children in their early learning.

2024 is a very good year to give birth in all 12 months, with February, March, April, July, August, and September being the most favorable. The lunar calendar suggests the following months for baby’s birth in 2024.

January babies are often said to be talented and capable of studying and working.

February children often bring many blessings, strong career development, and are highly respected by many people.

March babies are known to have intelligent, peaceful, and strong personalities.

April: Children born in April have strong, decisive, and patient personalities. They have unique abilities and a strong will.

May babies have a confident, active, and upright personality, but they can be a little impatient. They might be able to express themselves and find opportunities in life if they are able to express themselves.

June: Children born in this month often have erratic fortunes, will face challenges in their careers, but will still make progress.

July: Babies born in this month often have clear thinking, both fame and benefits, and are also very skillful in planning.

August: Children born in this month often have a decisive personality and high will in career and life. They may be able to express themselves and succeed in specific activities.

September: Babies born in this month often have a gentle, gentle, decisive and sensitive personality. They can be adaptable and considerate of others.

October: Children born in this month often have a somewhat passive personality, do not like to face many difficulties in life and also encounter many obstacles in their career.

November: Babies born in this month often have unlucky fortunes, have great ambitions but cannot achieve their dreams and are likely to experience loneliness.

December: Children born in this month often have great personalities but may not have good luck, but if they wait patiently, they will surely achieve success.

An auspicious child birth/cesarean date can make you stay out of trouble, help the surgery go well and keep both you and your baby safe.

In addition, the selection of auspicious date and hour allows you to predict the matching of four pillars and eight characters affecting your baby’s lifelong fate.

Good date and hour mean good four pillars and eight characters of your baby, which in turn indicate your baby will be healthier and more prosperous, and lay a good foundation for his/her future career.

Of course, what we pursue and advocate is to let nature take its course, but it is necessary to stay out of trouble where conditions permit.


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Having children is one of the important decisions in the life of every family. Some people believe that a baby’s birth month can affect their personality, health, and luck.

In Eastern culture, choosing the day and month to give birth based on the lunar calendar and horoscope factors has become a popular tradition.

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