Who Are The Richest Stars On TikTok (2023/2024 Updated)

Who Are The Richest Stars On TikTok (2023/2024 Updated)

Despite criticism, TikTok remains a powerful social media platform with over 1 billion active users. It has given other social media platforms a run for their money, with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all attempting to replicate TikTok’s short video format. According to the most recent Sensor Tower study, TikTok was the second most downloaded non-game app, trailing only YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify. Let’s find out who earns the most on TikTok.

For every 1,000 views on your video, you can earn up to 4 cents. As a result, if your video receives a million views, you could earn up to $40 — but the most successful TikTokers earn millions.

TikTok is all about short videos that users can make and share. TikTokers who create interesting content, frequently incorporating dance and music, typically receive the most engagement. TikTok, on the other hand, is more than just a dance and music app; there are accounts dedicated to a variety of topics, including personal finance.

TikTokers must have at least 100,000 followers and 100,000 views in the last 30 days to be considered for the TikTok Creator Fund, which allows creators to monetize their content. The Creativity Program, which is currently in beta and only accessible by invitation, has taken the place of the fund.

A TikToker can earn between $100,000 and $250,000 for a branded video, with superstars earning up to $500,000 per post, according to Forbes. The earnings are determined by the number of TikTok followers you have and your engagement rate, which is the frequency with which users interact with your account and like and comment on your short videos.

TikTok celebrities use their following to get paid to promote other businesses and sell their own products. It all depends on your popularity and the demographics of your audience.

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Income: $17.5 Million

Number of Followers: 148.7M

Charli D’Amelio is 18 years old and has a staggering $17.5 million in earnings, placing her first among TikTok’s highest earners. Charli began as a competitive dancer who achieved success on the platform through her dance clips.

She has a whopping 150.5 million followers and has had licensing deals with a number of big brands, including Prada, Burberry, Hollister, Procter & Gamble and Dunkin Donuts. She and sister Dixie star in their own Hulu series and have a limited series on Snapchat. Last year, they and their parents launched D’Amelio Brands, a fashion- and beauty-product company.

Income: $10 Million

Number of Followers: 57.5 M

Dixie’s career has followed a trajectory similar to younger sister Charli’s, and the two collaborate often. Although Charli’s earnings dwarf Dixie’s, as do her followers — 150.5 million compared to Dixie’s 57.2 million — Dixie is making her own way as a pop singer.

She released her first single in 2020 and was signed by HitCo Entertainment prior to the release of her second single, which featured rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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Income: $8.5 Million

Number of Followers: 88.7M

Addison Rae Easterling, known as addisonre, is one of the earliest TikTokers. She got her start on TikTok posting short dance clips. Easterling is a former competitive dancer who has 88.7 million followers and has received 5.8 billion likes.

Easterling has leveraged her TikTok fame to create her own cosmetics company, called Item Beauty, release a single, “Obsessed,” and land a starring role in Netflix’s remake of “She’s All That.” The Louisiana native is slated to appear with Patrick Dempsey in an upcoming film called “Thanksgiving,” the Shreveport Times reported.

Income: $6 Million

Number of Followers: 36.3M

Baby Ariel is very popular on Instagram for her lip-syncing videos which have entertained millions of people all over the world. Her original name was Ariel Rebecca Martin. She is currently one of the richest TikTokers in the world right now with a net worth of around $6 million.

The major source for Baby Ariel is ad revenue and sponsorships from TikTok. According to sportskeeda.com, she earns around $151,000 from a single post on TikTok. Currently, she has a little over 36 million followers on this social media platform. Apart from TikTok, she also earns occasionally by starring in TV shows and movie cameos.

She has a good amount of followers on Instagram, 11 million followers, and has a YouTube channel that has close to 3 million subscribers.

Income: $5 Million

Number of Followers: 162M

Khaby Lame was a normal guy who was laid off from his job during the coronavirus crisis in 2020. After that, he started his TikTok account and was instantly recognized for his funny content. Now, he is one of the highest-paid TikToker in the world with a net worth of over $15 million.

In most of these videos, you’ll find Khaby explaining how to do things without complicating too much, and that’s his unique point. TikTok is the major source of income for Khaby Lame, where he reported around $400,000 per video and that’s how he has made his fortune from this social media platform.

Apart from that, he is also very popular on Instagram with over 80 million followers, and charges a lot of money per post.

Income:$5 Million

Number of Followers: 92.4M

Bella’s TikTok claim to fame was initiated by one viral sensation — a lip-sync of “M to the B” by Millie B posted in August 2020.

Since then, the Filipino-American’s feed has been filled with syncs to the same tune.

And while Bella’s made the jump to a musical career (her first single reached 56 on Billboard’s pop chart), she’s also bagged some pretty high-profile partnerships with Prada and Google.

Income:$5 Million

Number of Followers: 26M

Josh Richards remains as one of TikTok’s highest-paid stars. His popularity rose due to his singing, dance, and lip-sync videos, and he has since built a reputation as Tiktok’s resident heartthrob and bad boy.

He has secured sponsorships with HouseParty and Reebok, created his own influencer merch line, leveraged YouTube ad revenue, and signed a song deal with Warner Records. Richards also started his own energy drink business called Ani Energy, co-founded a talent management company named Talent X, and joined Triller as its Chief Strategy Officer. His move to Triller as a social media executive set him up for evolution from his TikTok persona to an industry leader.

He also co-founded Animal Capital, a VC firm that invests in everything from apps to genetic-engineering labs.

Income: $4.75 Million

Number of Followers: 42.7M

Avani Gregg, another of TikTok’s biggest stars, became famous due to her TikTok video where she transformed into a Harley Quinn-style clown. Followers called her the “clown girl” and started following her make-up videos.

She also joined Hype House in 2019, together with Charli D’Amelio. She went on to star in Chicken Girls, published a memoir and hosted a Facebook Watch talk show addressing Gen-Z issues.

She has sponsorship deals with brands like NYX Cosmetics and her own line of influencer merchandise.

TikTok is no longer a place for entertainment but also a great way to make money. You can share your unique content with the audience; in return, you get both fame and money.

Suppose you are looking for inspiration to become a TikToker. In that case, you should look at these highest-paid TikTokers who have made their fortune from this social media platform by providing engaging content to their audience.

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