Ranked: Advantages and Disadvantages of 12 Zodiac Signs As A Mother

Ranked: Advantages and Disadvantages of 12 Zodiac Signs As A Mother

Ability to control: Aries mothers are very good at taking care of everything in the house. Even though she’s busy at work, when she comes home she rushes into the kitchen to cook delicious food for her husband and children. It seems they can do everything well, both good at country work and good at housework.

Dedication: Not only are they dedicated to their work, they are also dedicated to raising their children, doing everything they can to protect them. It is their strong presence that gives children the reassurance and trust they need.

Courage: They will always appear strong in front of their children even when they feel scared. They are considered the most special mothers in the eyes of their children.

Hardworking: They hope to be able to protect their small family, so they will try their best to work as much as possible even if it means they are exhausted because they are always in a state of tension.

Argumentative: Looking at the pros and cons of the 12 zodiac signs when being a mother, when Aries feels challenged, they will try to prove that they are right and are not afraid to argue and show their “childishness” because they like Win or Lose.

Imposing: Even though they want their children to be independent, many times Aries wants them to obey their orders 100%. They do this because they want to protect their children, so they want them to do it their way to be safe.

Irregular temperament: Because they want a peaceful life and want everything to go smoothly, so if her rules are broken, their personality becomes erratic and difficult to control. .

Stubborn: They do not accept their children’s mistakes, especially when they dare to break the rules they set. Once their trust was broken, they began to hold grudges in their hearts and refused to accept reconciliation.

Reality: Taurus mothers understand what is truly most important when raising a child, so they are patient and rarely angry with their children. They are always ready to be there to comfort and soothe their children when they are sad. They give their children hugs and kisses to comfort them.

Stability: is one of Taurus’s most important requirements in life. They will never “spoil” you with those things. They will teach them the value of every penny they spend to ensure a safe life.

Care: Whenever they have time, they immediately clean the house so that the children have enough space to play safely. Even if your child is sick, she can still take him to the doctor and when he gets home, he will clean everything up, without delay for any reason.

Protection: They are always ready to stand up to support their loved ones anytime, in any situation. They are also especially protective of their children.

Nurturing: They are willing to provide their children with everything they need, as long as those requirements are within their means.

Workaholic: Every day they spend a lot of energy on tasks from work to home. Often without time for themselves, they will quickly feel tired and exhausted.

Stubborn: They think they are right, what they think is right they often want their children to listen to in an imposing way. It’s hard for a Taurus mom to admit they were wrong, so her children may have to be lenient with them.

Appreciate material things: Taurus can buy and save many beautiful, expensive, and sometimes unnecessary or rarely used items. There are times when they may spend more than they can earn. Most of the money is to buy gifts for her children or for people she loves.

Equality: Gemini mothers try to treat their children like a close friend. Gemini likes to be carefree, freely chatting with their children like friends without any restrictions or constraints.

Respect their children: They are usually not too strict mothers. If their children make mistakes, they do not scold them. They know that it is best to have a clear head when encountering some difficult situation. .

Understanding: A person who is eager to learn and very knowledgeable, so they always look full of life and energy like a young person. They are ready to grasp the latest information and trends, are tech-savvy and also very stylish.

Excited about raising children: Educating children as much as possible is a top priority in Gemini’s daily schedule. They want to take the time to answer most of your child’s questions.

Creativity: They are always a rich source of information with new things. Gemini mothers always have flexible minds and can strongly inspire their children in creative fields.

Impatience: If they spend too much time with their children, for example, spending the whole day just taking care of them without doing anything else, they start to become restless, annoyed, and impatient.

Not controlling what they say: Because of their concept of treating their child as a friend, there seems to be no boundary between the two of them. But the negative side of it is that sometimes children feel that their mother’s words are not reputable.

Inability to make decisions: Gemini mothers are very flexible but sometimes unreliable and indecisive. The best way to deal with this mother is to be able to listen to her opinions but not ask her to make decisions for her.

Generous and loving: Cancer mothers care very much about their children and will always be by their side no matter how difficult or strenuous life is. They will create beautiful memories with their children, always making time for them no matter how busy they are.

Protective ability: They always try to protect their children as much as possible. This mother will not stay silent or show mercy if her child is in danger. They can even give up everything else just to look after and care for their safety.

Support: They are there to encourage their children to find happiness and fulfill their desires, especially about hobbies and career choices. They want timely support when they need it, it seems that Cancer cannot be away from their children for too long.

Tradition: They believe that traditions, habits, and rituals give families a sense of belonging and stability. They always encourage their children to participate in activities that help them understand more about their family culture and roots.

Understanding children: They have the ability to recognize the child’s signs, understand them accurately and take quick, appropriate action. Cancers are sensitive so they can sense when their child needs a hug, a word of encouragement or a little guidance.

Too clingy: Sometimes they have delusions about their safety, leading to somewhat negative expressions. They become clingy and restrict the child’s freedom, hoping to protect them from the bad elements of the outside world.

Overprotecting children: The line between caring and pampering is very thin. It’s not easy to quell these desires for control because Cancer is naturally a worrier and projects his emotions onto his children.

Too spoiled: They think their children are too young, forget their real age and try to love and care for them. They tend to do everything for their children, not teaching them how to do even the most basic tasks like doing laundry or washing dishes.

Invasion of privacy: They may often suddenly enter your child’s room to see what they are doing and rummage through their belongings (even read their diary) to know everything about them.

Affectionate and affectionate: Although Leo mothers do not like to show their gentle side to strangers, they do show it to their children. They are not afraid to let their children know how much they love them, and like to hug and kiss them anytime, anywhere.

Generous: They will spend large amounts of money to buy clothes or take their children on vacation to luxurious places. She wants to give her child everything he needs to be successful in life. Children of Leo mothers will have an interesting and challenging childhood.

Good at communication: Know how to talk to your children effectively – something that very few parents can do for their children.

Protective ability: They don’t stand still when they realize anything bad has happened to their child. They will not hesitate to attack, making the other person regret trying to hurt their child.

Do not accept failure: They are so outstanding that they cannot accept any failure. This may stem from having too high expectations for children while each child has different abilities.

Selfishness: They often think they are ruling the world. Even thinking that you are the best, you are right and others are often wrong. Some people even use their children to promote themselves.

Arrogant and difficult to admit mistakes: They are stubborn, they are too focused on completing their goals and are very slow to change, especially in decisions. They are strict with their children and have difficulty being humble. The more the children argue, the more the Leo girl resists.

Responsible: They pride themselves on taking responsibility for almost every aspect of their family’s life. They are extremely thoughtful, will wake up early to change diapers, prepare breakfast for their children to eat and go to school, and even prepare for their children what their first date should be like.

Attention to detail: This is a great trait for a mother to be able to take careful care of her children, especially in the early stages of their lives. They will know when their baby needs to be fed or when they need to take a nap, what their crying is signaling.

Affectionate: Virgo mothers always want to make sure their children know they are receiving the fullest love from their mother. They always hope that their children know that their mother will always be there and that they can talk to her about anything when needed.

Prepare for the future: Women of this sign believe in hard work, perseverance, and always carefully prepare for the future of both themselves and their children. She is constantly working to create a better future for herself and her family. Virgo mothers will likely start saving for their children’s college funds when they are very young.

Excessive worry: Because they love their children so much and even see their children’s lives as their own, many Virgo mothers often worry. It seems like they take care of everything and even the things that children can do, they do them all for them.

Unusually high requirements: Like perfection, they do not accept anyone with even a small mistake. So sometimes children feel “suffocated” because they cannot please their mother.

Friendly: They can find humor in serious situations and their parenting also becomes lighter than others. They treat their children very gently, even when they have done something wrong.

Fairness: They will never favor one child over another. When you get into trouble, they will never punish you too much. Her main goal is to raise her children in such a way that they understand cause and effect.

Multitasking: They can handle multiple tasks at once. For example, doing housework while observing many children playing. Libra mothers will also prepare dinner and lunch for their children.

Independence: She will always encourage her children to be creative and apply their bold ideas to life. She believes that letting children make their own choices will help them become more responsible and independent as adults.

Generous: Even though they have to save money to ensure a living, Libra is also very generous in buying cute items for their children. Libra mothers know how to surprise their children with birthday gifts.

Easily give in to their children’s mistakes: They are tough to guide their children but will quickly give in when they see their children’s sad faces or falling tears. Therefore, without appropriate forms of discipline, they will tend to lose control in certain situations.

Extravagant: Somewhat aesthetic, because they love beauty, they often buy things that are considered frivolous. They easily splurge on beautiful clothes, accessories and expensive jewelry despite the fact that they don’t have too much money.

Unreliable in some situations: They are easily swayed, they are indecisive and unreliable. If the children ask the Libra mother to make a decision for them about something very important, it is a wrong step.

Extremely hardworking: Scorpio mothers are able to ensure that their children have a great future, they don’t hold back on anything, they will do everything to earn enough money to support their family and children. female.

Sharp intuition: They know in advance what is about to happen to their children. Without needing others to say it, she seems to be able to sense what others are thinking and feeling.

Give all their love to their children: They like to tell their children how much they love them. The way she expressed it was as if she was afraid that her children would forget this.

Always prepare for the future: They spent a lot of time planning the future for their children. Not only are they financially prepared, but they also encourage their children to study from preschool in the hope that one day they will enter a prestigious school and, upon graduation, have a stable job.

Scorpio mothers are like that, they always look far ahead, thinking about the next few decades. Even if others think they worry too far, it’s not something they need to worry about.

Authoritarian: They like to think they are right, controlling even the smallest aspects of their children’s and the whole family’s lives. This can stifle children’s freedom.

Or restraining: They are willing to find every way to protect their children, they do not know that their love sometimes makes their children feel free. They often take care of everything for their children, making them feel uncomfortable and thinking that their mothers are stepping too deeply into their personal lives.

Too emotional: They cannot hide this and let their emotions come out. In some moments they are sociable and pleasant but at other times they are like a volcano about to explode. Children should stay away from their mothers at this time if they do not want to get into trouble.

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Affectionate and affectionate: Sagittarius mothers will do everything possible to express love for them. Hugs and kisses are what they want for their children every day.

Flexible: They are very good at adapting, easy to live in different environments. They even actively change to make life less boring. When having children, life becomes more restrictive and Sagittarius sees it as a challenge to overcome. At this time, life becomes upside down because it is very difficult to follow the planned schedule.

Active and optimistic: They lead an active life, when they are single they like to go out with friends, go to a new place and try new things. When they become mothers, it becomes more difficult for them to carry out these plans, but that does not prevent the optimistic and cheerful spirit that is in Sagittarius’ blood.

Independence: They know that babies and children in general are dependent on their parents, but that doesn’t mean they depend on them forever. From a young age, she will try to teach her child to be independent. They make their own decisions, even though they will lead to mistakes, but the children must take responsibility for what they have done.

Able to educate: With their hidden pedagogical abilities, they know how to convey messages and lessons to their children. Thanks to that, children can easily access information even about things that seem very difficult to understand.

Intolerance: Sagittarius mothers have many advantages, but they also need to overcome certain disadvantages to better themselves.

Less time with children: You are too active, they tend to participate in too many activities and there are times when they neglect their family, making it difficult to have time to take good care of their children.

Not good at controlling emotions: Sagittarius’ personality traits show that they are inherently impulsive, not good at controlling their emotions, they are people who follow intuition and imagination without any doubt. doubt.

Responsible: They believe that taking care of their children is the biggest responsibility in their lives. If necessary, she is willing to work more work and more hours to have money to pay for everything in the family.

Protection: They want to make sure that nothing bad happens to the children. Whether her child is young or an adult, she does these things because she thinks it is good for her child.

Affectionate: She always wants her children to know how much she loves them. She always hugs and kisses her children before going to school and every time she comes home from school. That traditional mother would cover them with blankets every night when going to bed, and wait for them outside the door if they hadn’t returned from going out.

Kind and fair: She wants to ensure that the children are disciplined, but she does not want to be cruel to them. Rarely does Capricorn use punishment with children. A Capricorn mother will never hit her child and rarely scold.

Independence: They like to take care of their children, want to protect them, but also want them to learn how to take care of themselves. The Capricorn mother will create conditions for her children to gain independence, increasing the level of difficulty over time.

Harsh: Capricorn mothers often worry about small things, making their children feel that everything is harsh in life. Sometimes, children want to stay away because they are scared.

Likes achievements: This constellation also tends to impose strict standards on their children and this can rob the family of true joy, they can no longer live carefree like other children.

Difficult: Their inherent stubborn nature makes it difficult for them to forgive if the child makes a mistake. This constellation expects a lot from their children and wants them to always win over others.

Friendly: Aquarius mothers are very good at making new friends anytime, anywhere. They also apply this friendliness to their children. When educating children, they never scold or beat them just because they do something wrong or disobey them.

Multitasking Mom: She can simultaneously cook dinner, watch the kids, and plan the next day’s events if needed. Sometimes, to be able to do their own work, Aquarius can create a task so that their children can play while still completing the work themselves.

People who share easily: It can be said that Aquarius mothers will prioritize teaching their children valuable communication skills from an early age. The Aquarius mom feels as though this is a great way for her child to learn how to make and keep good friends around.

Fun: To keep guiding children from being boring, they will find ways to make it more interesting and joyful. They integrate games into lessons to make children more interested.

Too free: The characteristics of an Aquarius mother show that she gives unlimited freedom to her child, but a child who is too immature for this world will not be able to make wise decisions, they always need support. parental support rather than leaving them completely free and without direction.

Uncertain: They are very erratic, always in a state of uncertainty and instability. This is not easy-going but unsafe.

Lots of affection and love: They want their children to always feel the warmth of a mother’s love. If possible, Pisces will say, “I love you” to their children every day.

Calm and patient: The Pisces mother will slowly and patiently sit down to try to talk to see what is really happening that caused her child to make this mistake.

Honesty: Pisces women understand that lying will not achieve anything of lasting benefit, and she believes that being dishonest with others is unfair. They will try their best to never lie to their children.

Freedom: This constellation will give children the necessary freedom they need to explore their interests and learn what interests them. The more their children demonstrate that they can handle their freedom, the more freedom a Pisces mother will give them.

Plan Ahead: They can also easily plan for almost every aspect of the children’s future. The Pisces mother will always be there to motivate and encourage her child to study to get into a good university.

Cunning: This zodiac sign is inherently sensitive, they can read body language to know when their children are trying to confront them. If you make them lose trust, Pisces will become very unpredictable, at this point every word they say is no longer as trustworthy as before, truth and falsehood are mixed up.

Madness: Pisces often looks for ways to change their lives but often go in the wrong direction and children can easily detect strange ways of dressing or behavior and may not accept this. Advice is for Pisces not to be too open to the point of exposing your private life and expecting your children to be mature enough to accept it, especially when you are emotionally disturbed.

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