3 Jewish Wealth Mindsets That Will Help You Succeed

3 Jewish Wealth Mindsets That Will Help You Succeed

Despite accounting for only 0.25% of the global population, this ethnic group is responsible for 22% of the world’s Nobel Prizes, which is 108 times higher than the global average. Every year, at least half of the top 100 richest people on the Forbes list are Jewish.

In the 2017 survey, however, Jews’ IQ did not differ significantly from that of other ethnicities. So, what made them wealthy?

The book “Talmud – The Essence of Jewish Wisdom” demonstrates that these three mindsets help Jews become wealthy. Rather than working hard to make money, you must first transform yourself into someone who can make money.

Making money is thus a skill that can be learned. With the three Jewish mindsets listed below, you will gradually move closer to wealth and a better life.

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There is no problem that cannot be solved, according to Jews. McCall, a Jewish businessman, runs his father’s copper store. However, there are many similar stores nearby, and the price of copper always remains at 35 cents; it is extremely difficult to increase to 40 cents.

However, McCall was able to not only sell the copper at a higher price, but also quickly sell out the stock. So, how did he pull it off?

McCall fashioned copper into doorknobs, locks, and other household items. When others looked to copper as a raw material, McCall saw the market develop copper-machined products and earn 100 times the profits.

Later, McCall entered into agreements with watch companies to supply them with copper-machined products in order to earn large sums of money.

Only by taking this one-of-a-kind path will you be able to avoid fierce market competition and maximize your opportunities for growth in your field.

You can always find a solution if you can break free from your fixed way of thinking, step outside of your own safety, and look at the problem from a different angle. You can make money in ways that others cannot if you can think of them.

So, what can you do differently this time? To begin, you must think differently. For example, suppose your boss assigns you a task that everyone finds difficult. So don’t dismiss this as an impossible task. Instead, consider how you can make this happen. The method can be found here.

When Blackstone founder and Jew Stephen Schwarzman first worked at Lehman, he used this concept to quickly raise capital in his first “battle.”

Patience is the way Jews deal with difficulties. During the patience process, you can fully analyze the pros and cons to consider countermeasures, as well as accumulate strength and assets to wait for the time to rise.

For example, if you meet a leader who scolds employees for no apparent reason. If he reprimands you once and you argue back once, you will almost certainly be fired soon.

Instead of wasting time and energy arguing with him, just quietly learn and improve, and you will eventually surpass his level. Who knows, maybe you’ll become his leader in the future.

Even if you do not have the opportunity to become a leader, you can still change jobs if you maintain a high level of performance every day. In any case, the end result won’t be too bad. This is an effective way to improve the situation.

According to Jewish business experience, in order to make money, you must not only make good products but also know how to promote them.

If you observe how Jews conduct business, you will notice that “price gouging” or “low profit but high revenue” will never get them rich.

Blindly lowering prices, in the eyes of Jews, is not only unfair to customers who purchased at the original price, but also reduces the value of the goods in the hearts of customers. To make money, you must not only invest in creating good products but also learn how to promote and operate them.

Many people, for example, think of diamonds as timeless and expensive gems when they hear the word. And it becomes a valuable possession that everyone desires. The Jews, in fact, determine the high price of diamonds.

So, the next time you want a product or apply for a job, you should put more effort into promotion. So that many people recognize your worth, value you, and are willing to pay a high salary to hire you.

As in, applying for a higher-level position even if you usually do a good job. However, without a focused and logical speech, you will find it difficult to gain the leader’s favor.

Everyone wishes to be prosperous and wealthy. Working hard isn’t the only way to make money, and it’s certainly not the most efficient.

Only by having the right mindset will you be able to take effective steps to get rich and reap wealth commensurate with your efforts. Try thinking like a Jew to see if your life changes.

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Laziness, love of criticism, failure… seems to go against the classic views of getting rich, but it is a habit that helps many billionaires succeed.

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