MONKEY Yearly Chinese Horoscope 2024 – Astrological Prediction for Love, Health, Career and Finance

MONKEY Yearly Chinese Horoscope 2024 – Astrological Prediction for Love, Health, Career and Finance

The recent years of the Monkey Zodiac Sign are:

1932 ( Water)

1944 (Wood)

1956 (Fire)

1968 (Earth)

1980 (Gold)

1992 ( Water)

2004 (Wood)


2028 (Earth)

Horoscope 2024 predicts that, thanks to the support of the three-matching situation and the support of some auspicious stars, even though it is still in the last year of three unlucky years, 2024 is considered a year of quite strong development, opening up many new opportunities for those who hasn’t caught up yet in the old year 2023.

Good luck prevails, once you put in the effort, you will definitely get the desired results even though you encounter many difficulties or challenges. Even in the process of trying, he discovered his hidden abilities and made a spectacular breakthrough to the surprise of many people.

People born in the year of the Monkey will have an interesting and lucky year 2024. You should be ready to take on more responsibilities in your career. Business people can start new projects with the help of social relationships. However, you should be careful in controlling costs when looking to undertake business projects.

The more effort they put in, the more their abilities will shine. Luck only comes to those who are prepared. Accumulation and learning are the wings that help you fly higher with your dreams and plans.

Don’t forget that fun trips with family and loved ones will increase your level of happiness. With your optimistic attitude and positive thinking, you will achieve a better life.

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MONKEY Love Horoscope 2024

Fate is prosperous, peach blossoms are fluttering. Single people are introduced to prospective partners, you even become a prominent person in the group and are sought after by many people. As long as you have a keen eye, it’s easy to find the right person. For married people, you and your spouse are relatively harmonious and understand each other, but you need to pay attention to the risk of a third person lurking, and don’t let yourself go.

It can be said that 2024 will be a year full of turmoil and challenges in your relationship. You need to be careful and understanding to solve problems that arise and create a happy and stable environment.

According to the Monkey horoscope for 2024, the love aspect will flourish in a positive direction. If you have appropriate ways of behaving and speaking in different situations, you will easily be loved by everyone. Family life is stable, some couples may receive good news of children this year.

Because there are three noble people who promote good relationships and prosperity, single people can easily be introduced by friends and relatives to promising people. You are also gradually becoming more open in communicating and meeting new friends, so the chance of finding the right person is very high.

Be confident in yourself, and pay attention to how you behave flexibly and delicately in many different situations, then you will definitely catch the eye of the opposite sex. You don’t need to try too hard to become the focus of the crowd.

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In general, people maintain stable health, rarely suffer from minor illnesses or serious illnesses. Maintain a moderate lifestyle to keep your body healthy, avoid overworking and pushing yourself into overwork. When experiencing stress, don’t be afraid to talk to people around you to get timely help.

People born in the year of the Monkey will not encounter any major health problems this year. Thanks to maintaining an optimistic and positive spirit, your physical health also shows certain signs of improvement, helping you be ready to embark on any task.

However, don’t neglect rest and scientific activities because of busy work. You are destined to eat and sleep on time, combine work with rest, and exercise to be alert and clear-headed enough to complete your work.

When you experience too much stress, don’t be afraid to confide in trusted people to feel more relieved. The other person can not only listen but can even suddenly become your friend, introducing you to new directions to get out of difficulties.

For salaried employees, this year, you will give many contributions to the team, helping everyone find new directions to save time and effort and earn more profits.

Therefore, you receive high appreciation from your superiors and respect from your colleagues, and hot commissions and bonuses are indispensable. Some people even get their hands on the opportunity to increase their salary during the year.

Young people pass the exam to enter the company or business of their dreams and can negotiate the salary and bonus as desired, so you will earn a stable source of income to help ensure your life. You also always feel motivated to try hard every day, helping your career develop quickly.

Business people grasp market trends so they can easily “take shortcuts” and attract more and more new customers. Even though you have to be busy all the time, you earn a positive profit, even more than expected.

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Promises to reap greater success, make good friends, and do everything smoothly. You will even be introduced to valuable job opportunities by noble people. Those who follow the career path gradually assert their position, while young people find a suitable path to develop themselves, always being enthusiastic when performing assigned tasks. It will be difficult to avoid difficulties or challenges, but in the end you will still achieve the expected results.

People born in the year of the Monkey will have a lot of luck in their career in 2024 due to the support of auspicious stars. This zodiac animal should believe that as long as you work seriously and put in effort, you will definitely get worthy results.

You will even be introduced to valuable job opportunities by superiors or noble people or opportunities to learn and improve skills and knowledge to apply to future work.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of temporary difficulties and hardships if you have to work and study at the same time. As long as you are determined to put in the time and effort, you will progress faster than others and soon reap the rewards.

Maybe your contributions will help the team find new directions, achieve new developments, and you will also affirm your position as a leader and receive the trust of many people.

People who practice diligently and are confident in their own knowledge can develop their performance and pass the exam for the position they desire.

However, despite being supported by many favorable factors, people born in the year of the Monkey should not be negligent or negligent, lest incidents can occur at any time.

You need to pay more attention to your behavior. Even if you are successful, you should not appear arrogant or look down on others, which can easily make mean people feel angry and try to suppress you. harmful.


In the month of the Tiger, people born in the year of the Monkey may face financial challenges when money becomes difficult and expenses increase. Work and business still remain at a normal level without significant progress.

➥ Rating: Normal


In the month of Dinh Mao, those born in the year of the Monkey will have more luck and success in business. However, health needs attention, especially safety when traveling by car. Family relationships remain stable and there are no major changes in family life this month.

➥ Rating: Good


Entering the month of Mau Thin, people born in the year of the Monkey will easily gain money and receive support from close people. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the emotional aspect of the family, because there is a risk of family difficulties and chaos arising. Luckily, personal health is quite good and there are few illness problems this month.

➥ Rating: Normal


When the year of the Monkey enters the month of the Snake, this person tends to invest in business and family. However, you need to be careful with family relationships, because there is a risk of difficulties at home and conflicts. When traveling far this month, you also need to be careful about vehicles. Financially, there will be investment and positive progress.

➥ Rating: Bad


When the year of the Monkey moves into the month of Canh Ngo, this person will have luck in finding a place to live or changing their place of residence. Movement and changes in housing bring good things. However, financially, despite some luck, the business remained stable. For personal health, you need to pay attention to health-related issues, especially blood.

➥ Rating: Normal


People born in the year of the Monkey enter the month of Tan Mui. This month, their work and finances will receive help from noble people and money will be easy to earn. If you intend to find love, this month also promises to be favorable. Regarding personal health, although you may encounter illness, your condition will quickly recover.

➥ Rating: Good


When the year of the Monkey enters the month of Nham Than, it is predicted that work and business this month will face difficulties, so expansion or new connections are not recommended. Family relationships will also not be good, there will be a lack of harmony and conflicts may occur. Furthermore, in terms of health, the condition is unstable and may encounter illness problems.

➥ Rating: Bad


In the month of the Rooster, people born in the year of the Monkey can easily expand and connect well in work and business. In addition, in terms of finances, pursuits this month will be quite favorable, although there will be many expenses in life. However, you need to be careful with your health, especially in river environments.

➥ Rating: Normal


People born in the year of the Monkey, when entering the month of Giap Tuat, will face many difficulties and be unlucky in everything. In the family, there may be sadness and the risk of mourning. Love is also prone to conflict, quarrels and separation. Furthermore, in terms of health, the condition is not good, you may encounter illness and unstable psychological state.

➥ Rating: Bad


People born in the year of the Monkey, when entering October, the month of At Hoi, will experience favorable conditions in work and business. Making money is also quite easy, but you will also spend a lot this month. Emotionally, everything is normal and there may be some feelings of unwellness, but not to the point of being sick. However, it is necessary to limit movement and be careful during physical activities.

➥ Rating: Normal


People born in the year of the Monkey, when entering the month of the Rat, will encounter some difficulties with money and work. According to the 2024 horoscope for those born in the year of the Monkey, you should not pursue money too much and limit large investments. Also note that work and business may be difficult. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of parents in the family, who are susceptible to illness. For personal health, it is necessary to pay attention to problems related to bones and joints.

➥ Rating: Bad


People born in the year of the Monkey, when entering the month of Dinh Suu, will encounter some difficulties and unsatisfactory aspects in many aspects. Health may be weak and the pursuit of money may not be favorable. You should pay attention to spending money this month, especially when planning to travel far away, because it can lead to spending a lot of money.

➥ Rating: Bad

Men born in the year of the Monkey

For men born in the year of the Monkey, life in the current year is stable, without significant fluctuations. Sufficient finances to meet daily expenses. However, the family’s emotional side is not favorable or harmonious.

Women born in the year of the Monkey

For women born in the year of the Monkey, life this year will be stable and favorable. There are improvements in living environment and favorable financial conditions. Regarding health, although there are some illness problems, they will recover quickly. In addition, work and business also receive help from people in high positions.

If considering the 2023 horoscope, the contemplations about signs of growth are still quite vague, then by 2024 horoscope, people born in the year of the Monkey will feel much clearer, especially the level of luck or prosperity of things. 2024 promises a year full of brilliant success and abundant wealth regardless of the weather and other objective factors. It can be said that the “time” of the year of the Monkey has come.

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