Most Auspicious Dates For Haircut In 2024, According to Eastern Fengshui

Most Auspicious Dates For Haircut In 2024, According to Eastern Fengshui

The lunar calendar of haircuts for 2024 can help you figure out the best day of any given year to go see a haircut master.

The moon day and having the moon in one of the zodiac signs determined the best days. It’s taken into account that Sunday is not a good day.

We give you a list of the best dates, like when to get a haircut or color your hair. You can also look at more information about the month you want.













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Have you heard of the feng shui hairstyle?

Raymond Catchpole, a feng shui expert, says that if you are stuck and want to move forward, you could do worse than make an appointment at the hairdresser.

Some people may not believe that getting a job, finding the right house, or being in a happy relationship depends on whether you get a short bob or long, flowing curls (for men, this means short back and sides, a side part, or a mullet).

The head of the Feng Shui Society, Mr. Catchpole, has come up with a list of nine personality types and the hairstyles that go best with each one.

One type is the caring one, which should choose “blonde, sandy tones” and keep their hair off their faces.

Or someone with a fiery personality who looks best with “strong colors, bold style, and long hair or curls.”

Mountain personalities, on the other hand, are set in their ways and stubborn, so they need hair that brings out the best in their strong facial features. People who like to solve problems and get to know other people should dress like the girl next door. They should wear their hair in “a loose and friendly style” with ponytails, buns, or plaits.

And thunder types—people who are active, ambitious, and helpful—need to get their hair cut short and off their faces “so that they can share ideas and concepts without restriction,” says Mr. Catchpole.

This might not make sense. Don’t people who are busy and excited naturally choose hairstyles that are easy to take care of and casual? Harmony Hair Products hired Mr. Catchpole to say that changing your hair is the first step to changing your life. “You can apply the rules of feng shui to your hair to change preconceived perceptions about you,” he explained.

“Feng shui works through colour, light, texture, weight, shape and movement.”Each personality type will respond well to a certain method. No matter what kind of person you are, changes in your hair—whether you cut, grow, curl, or straighten—can boost your confidence.

“Even if it’s just for a date or two, everyone can figure out their own personality type and the type they want to be.” “Why shouldn’t the mountain be the muse for the night?”

When your hairdresser asks if you’re going somewhere nice, remember that she really wants to know if she can give you new life with a few cuts.

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Here are some haircut tips for beginners to help you decide what style will work best for you before you go to the salon.

1. Figure out what shape your face is

If you want to get a haircut, the type of cut that looks best on your face is very important.

• If your face is round or oval, bangs and layers can both look good on you. A short or long bob is another way to cut your hair. If you have a square face, shot bobs, lobs, layers, and even pixie cuts will look good on you.

Read on to learn more about your face shape and the best haircut for you.

2. Know the type of hair you have

Your hair could be straight, curly, or wavy. Your hairstylist can figure out what haircut will work best for you based on your hair type. You might want to get a haircut like your favorite celebrity, but you need to make sure that the cut fits your hair type. It’s different for everyone and should be shown off that way!

3. Pick a haircut based on how you live.

Are you aware that the way you live affects the health of your hair? No matter how dry or healthy, broken or fixed, long or short, your hair should not get in the way of your daily tasks.

You might want to cut your hair short if you travel a lot and wear your hair in a bun or ponytail. What if you spend most of your time inside, though? You might want to let your hair grow out and just get it cut at the salon every so often.

4. A trim is never enough

As you tell your stylist how short or long you want your hair to be, you may be getting a trim. We strongly advise, though, that you leave your hair to the pros. If your hair is truly damaged or has split ends, your stylist will have to cut it shorter than you had planned.

5. Cut your hair. When It Needs to Be Done

You need to get your mind ready before you go get a haircut. There’s no need to get a haircut if you’re happy with the way your hair looks and feels right now. But you should also write down when your hair shows clear signs of damage.

Has your mind been made up about which day to get your haircut? Which style do you want? We hope that the list of the best times to get a haircut in 2024 doesn’t let down people who believe in Feng Shui.

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