2024 Retrograde Planets: Calendar & Impact on 12 Zodiac Signs

2024 Retrograde Planets: Calendar & Impact on 12 Zodiac Signs

Every planet in the solar system orbits the Sun in tandem with Earth. However, from an earthly vantage point, it appears as though the earth is stationary and that all of the planets revolve around it. This is merely an optical trick. As a result, the planets appear to stop, move retrogradely—backward motion—stop once more, and then move forward—direct motion. It is advisable to stay with routine tasks and steer clear of new endeavors when the planets are in retrograde.

The Sun and Moon are the only two of the seven major planets that never move backward in time. They always travel in the appropriate route. Ketu and Rahu are always moving backwards.

It is important to remember that the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn all have a significant influence on human life and events in a variety of ways. We might come across.

Venus will “obediently” move in the right direction in 2024 and won’t go into retrograde on any days of the year, which makes it unique. Venus will therefore not be on the list of retrograde planets in 2024. Venus will proceed as usual to transit through each sign of the zodiac.

Every planet orbits the Sun in an elliptical path, as is common knowledge. As a result, it was found that, in some situations, the planets also move away from Earth when examining their motions in relation to the planet.

According to some astrologers, a planet’s retrograde form is the outcome of any debt carried over from a previous life; the results are determined by the retrograde planet’s position.

Astrology places a great deal of importance on the retrograde state because it allows a planet to become even more potent and capable of bearing more fruit.

You can also determine a planet’s sign during its retrograde period, its return afterward, and the exact time it happens by using the 2024 retrograde planets calendar.

Since the retrograde planets can be used to predict the future of the Zodiac signs, all information regarding them is highly significant.

The planets have an influence on the lives of the zodiac signs in astrology, and the planets will react to the actions that person takes.

The Sun is considered the parent and a part of the soul in these planets, while the Moon is considered the mother. There are two natural energy sources in this area.

Mars is associated with brothers and strength, whereas Mercury is associated with reason and wisdom. Jupiter is said to be the planet of wisdom and wealth, Venus is said to be the planet of beauty, luxury, and love, and Shani Dev is said to be the planet of service.

Because of their unique nature and placement in the horoscope, all planets have an impact on people’s lives in some way.

♦ Retrograde start time: December 14, 2023 in Capricorn; Retrograde end time: January 3, 2024 in Sagittarius

♦ Retrograde start time: April 2, 2024 in Aries; Retrograde end time: April 26, 2024 in Aries

♦ Retrograde start time: August 6, 2024 in Virgo; Retrograde end time: August 28, 2024 in Leo

♦ Retrograde start time: November 26, 2024 in Sagittarius; Retrograde end time : December 15, 2024 in Sagittarius

Mercury’s first retrograde period, which lasts from 2023 to 2024, begins in Capricorn.

It encourages focused goal-setting. It enters fiery Sagittarius at the end of December and goes retrograde for a few days in January 2024, igniting sparks of discovery and inviting us to reassess our beliefs and broaden our horizons.

Accept this cosmic pause, refine your goals, and broaden your intellectual horizons.

Mercury will go retrograde for the first time in the new year in 23 days, from April 2 to April 26.

This retrograde happens in late Aries and early Taurus. During this time, you can expect some difficulties with communication and decision making.

Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio are more strongly influenced than other signs. Contracts, travel plans, and important conversations should all be handled with caution.

This stage encourages you to slow down, reconsider your choices, and ensure that your daily interactions are clear, transparent, and coherent.

Mercury will be in retrograde from August 6 to August 28, 2024.

This retrograde occurs primarily in Leo, with a brief appearance in Cancer.

The emphasis at this time is on self-expression and creativity. During this time, Leo, Cancer, and Aquarius will experience many changes and especially significant events.

Misinformation and misunderstandings must be avoided, especially when it comes to the heart and personal expression.

Taking time to reflect on creative projects and have open and honest conversations with loved ones will keep you safe.

The last Mercury retrograde will occur in Sagittarius in 2024. The emphasis during this retrograde is on philosophical and expansive thinking.

Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces may be more affected than other signs. It is a time when you should rethink your beliefs, ideals, and perspectives.

When making commitments, exercise caution and remain open to new ideas. This time is an excellent opportunity to grow and broaden your horizons.

Time: Starts on December 7, 2024 in Leo – ends on February 25, 2025 in Cancer

Mars is a fiery planet often considered a warrior of the fierce type. It’s tied to our libido, career transitions, and energy levels.

Mars retrograde happens very rarely, once every 2 years when it retrogrades for about 10 weeks. And this period will become extremely bad if we are not familiar with its retrograde effects.

In short, Mars retrograde doesn’t mean you’ll be in a slump, rather it’s a time of slight disappointment.

Mars retrograde is not the time to start any love relationship or marriage as your sex life will be completely affected. It’s also not a good time to start a new job.

However, you will have a feeling of longing for a new job or a new relationship. Remember that these will get you nowhere.

The chances of catching cold, abnormal blood pressure, blood related problems, pimples and any form of injury, accident or surgery related to blood increases when Mars is in an inauspicious position. profit.

It also leads to physical and mental problems. can cause impatience and hostility, many times you aggressively meddle in other people’s affairs for no reason at all, causing trouble.

Time: Starts on October 10, 2024 – ends on February 5, 2025 in Gemini

Known as the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is expansionist, meaning it multiplies and expands everything, for better or worse.

It is considered the element of growth, wisdom, health, wealth, spiritual success, education, children and luck in life.

The only way one can experience the joy of children and access food grains is through the favor of Jupiter’s blessings.

This planet helps a person to advance and receive higher education, legal and financial education, international travel and success in large-scale companies.

Jupiter rules the two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. In Cancer, it flourishes while in Capricorn, it wanes.

When Jupiter is placed in an astrological retrograde position, it makes us appear unhappy before starting any task, which can delay important tasks and some great opportunities. in life.

However, Jupiter retrograde is also commonly known to give favorable results and bring many amenities in one’s life.

Jupiter retrograde will motivate you to put in a lot of effort at work, have a lot of confidence that you can make a name for yourself, sell well…

You can overcome any obstacle. Students have the opportunity to practice their ability to concentrate, and those working in sales or marketing will accelerate the process of achieving KPIs by being more determined.

Jupiter retrograde will be quite a good position for some zodiac signs in 2024. But for most of us, be careful and limit committing even small crimes if Jupiter is in an unfavorable position in your chart. Dear friend, be careful if you get into trouble with the law.

Time: Starts on June 29, 2024 – ends on November 15, 2024 in Pisces

Saturn is a planet of justice that emphasizes the value of self-discipline, giving special rewards to those who live disciplined lives.

In general, a retrograde planet is considered unfavorable because it slows down the effects it can create.

It will cause delays in large and small tasks, making the person need to work harder and speed up to the point of exhaustion.

But when Saturn is retrograde, it also fills you with optimism and such a person never loses courage or stops trying to move forward no matter how challenging the situation is.

Due to Saturn’s retrograde motion, some people will experience delays in important work as well as trouble in many family matters.

The retrograde planet encourages you to enjoy life and be kind to those who work for you.

If Saturn is in an unfavorable position in your chart, success will only come after you work hard and put a lot of effort into your work.

While the specific effects will vary for each sign, Saturn retrograde offers opportunities for personal growth, development, and the development of a stronger foundation for future endeavors.

Uranus retrogrades twice a year, the specific timeline is as follows:

1st time: Starts on August 30, 2023 – ends on January 28, 2024 in Taurus

2nd time: Starts on September 2, 2024 – ends on January 31, 2025 in Taurus

Uranus Retrograde also highlights areas where we feel stuck, and draws our attention to behaviors and patterns that are preventing us from being our authentic selves .

The 12 zodiac signs begin to look back at their lives thanks to the influence of Uranus. Since this time, how has my life changed? Since this time, what surprises have I encountered that have changed the way I live?

Uranus Retrograde encourages us to welcome and accept these changes. It calls us to take back our power and awaken the warrior within.

Perhaps we need to be more disciplined, more vocal and more fierce when protecting our happiness.

This mental breakthrough can make us feel a little more accepting and a little more at peace with what we’ve shown ourselves to be.

Time: Starts on July 3, 2024 – ends on December 8, 2024 in Pisces

Neptune retraces its steps, opening the door to insight, introspection, and spiritual connection.

It beckons us to embark on a journey beyond the limits of reality, delving into the symbolism of our dreams and exploring the unexplored territories of our subconscious.

While Neptune retrograde can easily push us away from the edge of reality, it’s also an invitation to shed light on symbolism that’s often shrouded in darkness.

It is important to stay alert to recognize the illusions and confusion that may appear in our lives during this period.

Furthermore, Neptune retrograde encourages us to dig deep into our past and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying motives behind our actions.

This period serves as a call to explore the inner depths of yourself every day. We can discover hidden truths, unspoken emotions, and interesting things overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Time: Starts on May 3, 2024 in Aquarius – ends on October 14, 2024 in Capricorn

When Pluto turns retrograde in 2024, its energy will be a little different than before.

It is like the focus of the universe directed inside each person. During this time, humans are encouraged by the universe to reflect on themselves.

This is the time to think about our inner desires, changes and things we want to improve.

Pluto retrograde is like a teacher, giving us the opportunity to look back and reflect on our life journey.

It can bring strong emotions and challenges, but it’s part of growing up and learning about yourself, don’t be afraid to change, guys.

You have just discovered the retrograde planets in 2024 along with the schedule, impact and meaning of those retrograde movements on the fortunes of each zodiac sign.

Planetary retrograde is a special astrological phenomenon. Not only does it have an astrological and astronomical meaning, the retrograde planet also has the meaning of explaining the forecast at the time of the retrograde.

Retrograde planet is used to describe the movement in the opposite direction compared to the normal orbit of a planet. People can identify retrograde planets through their horoscopes and astrological signs when observed from earth.

In addition, when a retrograde planet rotates faster than the other planet, it feels like the planet is slower and is going backwards.

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