Can People Fly in the Air and What is the Levitation Technology?

Can People Fly in the Air and What is the Levitation Technology?

Many ancient documents from the East and West meticulously record humans’ ability to levitate without assistance.

Is that dapper technique real or a trick of the light?

Levitation, according to ancient studies, is the technique of flying through the air without assistance. Levitation technology has been used in India and Tibet for a long time.

This levitation technology has been the subject of extensive research. Not only Easterners, but also Europeans, are fascinated by the ability of humans to “fly” above the ground.

No matter where they are performed, the great aerial techniques all have one thing in common: they use a specific technique to reduce or completely eliminate the impact of gravity.

To summarize, levitation technology is a combination of body movements and qigong to reduce body weight in comparison to actual weight. Levitation technology is a method of eliminating or reducing the influence of Earth’s gravity on the body, allowing people to jump higher, run faster, farther, and so on.

There are numerous subjects available, including flying (high jump), fast running, lizard climbing the wall, and moving on water.

Legends and movies have somewhat fictionalized and exaggerated the true capability of levitation technology.

According to legend, the gods of the East possessed the extraordinary ability to fly.

Ordinary people, such as Brahmin priests in India, yoga and Buddhist practitioners, magicians, and hermits, can fly gong and float in the air.

Not only ascetics in India, but also followers of the Ninja sect in Japan, were capable of performing extreme martial arts.

Many scholars have mentioned the “flying Tibetan monks” in their studies of the East. Alexandra David-Neel, a British explorer, saw a Buddhist monk soaring tens of meters above the Cnang Tang pine plateau one day. According to Neel, the monk bounced off the ground several times like a tennis ball.

Many Buddhist documents, as well as novels and films, claim that Shaolin kung fu is extremely magical and can only be performed by those who have attained the highest level of martial arts.

Many manuscripts claim that ancient fliers could lift themselves up to 90cm off the ground, which is also related to ancient fliers. They do this not to entertain the public, but rather to select a suitable location for religious rites.

Human levitation has long piqued the interest of Europeans. There is, however, a significant difference between the medieval fliers of the East and the West. Monks in Europe, unlike Brahmins, yogis, and hermits, did not receive any special training to fly. They frequently float in the air after entering a trance state.

Daniel Douglas Hewm was the most well-known levitation artist of the nineteenth century. A journalist in an American newspaper described Hewm’s floating in space as follows: “Suddenly Hewm began to lift himself up. off the ground, surprising everyone in the room.” His feet are about 0.3 meters off the ground, according to my measurements. He was jumping up and down. He hit the ceiling for the third time…”

Hewm performed in front of thousands of people, including celebrities like William Makepeace Thackeray, Mark Twain, Napoleon III, and politicians, doctors, and scientists. There was no evidence of fraud in this phenomenon.

According to historical records, when the Shaolin sect’s high monk Bodhidharma visited Tibet in 527, he demonstrated his flying skills for hours in front of his disciples. This high monk also performed a running on water move known as “One step across the river.” According to legend, this high monk can cross the Yangtze River with nothing more than a reed blade.

Furthermore, Shaolin Temple has a number of other unique martial arts with impressive names, such as walking on snow without leaving footprints, climbing a vertical wall like a lizard, walking fast like a meteor, and running on steep cliffs.

Many people believe that if you practice hard enough, you will be able to reach the realm of self-liberating human consciousness and lifting the body into the air.

Simon Magus performed the first recorded airlift in the first century AD. He was a heretic priest who dabbled in “evil arts” like invisibility and air-gog.

In the seventeenth century, Giuseppe Desa was the person who performed the flight phase for the longest time. For about two hours, this priest remained in the air.

The author Louis Jacollios (France) detailed the stages of air-goong in his book Occult Science in Ancient India.

Monk Milarepa, a former leading yogi in Tibet, is the most well-known. This man is known for having so many mystical abilities that he can walk, eat, and sleep while his dandelion is suspended in the air. Not only ascetics in India, but also followers of the Ninja sect in Japan, were capable of performing this technique.

In fact, levitation technology is the pinnacle of qigong – ancient Chinese martial arts. The levitation technology is a complex exercise that allows the body to be light, like a butterfly gliding through a branch or a swallow gliding through a curtain. The grass does not move when I run on it.

Until now, science has been unable to explain or prove the phenomenon of qi gong because it contradicts the law of universal gravitation.

It is not possible to demonstrate, at least theoretically, how a person can escape the effects of Earth’s gravity under normal conditions by simply breathing and hypnotizing to mobilize energy. supernatural quantity. Opponents argue that it is simply a magic trick to deceive the viewer’s eyes from the past to the present.

A number of recent scientific tests have revealed the existence of the martial art of airlifting. For example, Russian scientists discovered that when a disk is rotated at high speed, around 3,000 rpm, under the influence of an electric field, it will lose weight.

Another experiment conducted by US scientists revealed that when the superconductor was suspended in a magnetic field, placing an object on its surface reduced its weight by 5%.

In fact, levitation technology exists, but it can only “fly” for a limited time with human capabilities. Many countries’ national television channels have broadcast many true stories about people who can float in the air after a long period of hard practice. Humans require decades of practice to be able to float in the air for a brief moment.

Human levitation is fraught with controversy. According to some researchers, it is a product of the biological field, created by a specific type of mental energy emanating from the human brain.

This theory is supported by biologist Dr. Alexander Dubrov. He emphasizes that the non-body intentionally creates the biofield so that they can control and change direction while hovering in the air.

Many Shaolin martial arts monks and other sects are still practicing the martial arts with the two most notable moves: Running at a height of 5m, the wall slopes at an angle of 85 degrees, but it still feels like walking on flat ground; Running on the water (with a mat or a thin layer of wooden plank) for more than a hundred meters.

According to modern martial arts researchers, qigong is not as mystical and magical as depicted in swordplay novels. As a result, achieving the magical level of “flying and jumping like a bird” as described in swordplay stories is nearly impossible.

Thus, for those who want to believe in such extraordinary things as levitation technology, there is still a glimmer of hope. At the same time, swindlers can continue to use levitation technology. Is levitation technology a special ability or an illusionary human desire? This is still a closely guarded secret.

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