Who are the Most Beautiful Women In The World By Golden Ratio – Top 10

Who are the Most Beautiful Women In The World By Golden Ratio – Top 10

In his iconic piece, the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo Da Vinci used this ratio to achieve the ideal male body. The basic idea is that the closer a face’s features are to the number 1.618 (Phi), the more beautiful it appears.

When it comes to faces, the Golden Ratio evaluates beauty standards. It implies that facial elements, such as the gap between the nose, mouth, and eyes, can be compared to the Golden Ratio to determine their level of beauty.

This ratio is used by beauty experts and facial surgeons to determine the most appealing facial features.

The golden ratio dates back to 2500 years, when the Ancient Greeks divided a line into two parts in a ratio of 1:1.618 and found the proportions particularly appealing. The term “Phi” is derived from the name “Phidias,” a Greek sculptor who perfected his work using the golden ratio.

In the words of Masterclass, “the golden ratio results when the ratio of two numbers is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two numbers” . When it comes to faces, the ratio is calculated by measuring the length and width of the face, then dividing the length by the width – and the closer your measurements are to the golden ratio of 1.62, the more “attractive” you are deemed to be.

The golden ratio is an attempt to quantify attractiveness using facial symmetry.

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(Last Updated by KnowInsiders in November 2023)

Score for the Golden Ratio: 94.52%

The 29-year-old “Killing Eve” actress has a face that is 94.52% close to the Golden Ratio, a standard that defines beauty.

Jodie’s face closely aligned with what the ancient Greeks considered perfect when measuring features like her eyes, nose, lips, and chin.

The position of Jodie’s nose and lips received a near-perfect score of 98.7%. She also received high marks for the dimensions of her nose, lip shape, and eye position. Her chin structure is excellent, and her face has a strong structure. Her brows, on the other hand, received 88%.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 94.37%

Zendaya, the 26-year-old “Dune” star and Tom Holland’s girlfriend, came in second with 94.37%. Bella Hadid came in third with 94.35%, while Beyoncé came in fourth with 92.44%. Zendaya came in second, with 99.5% for her lips and 98% for her forehead. Bella Hadid finished third, with top marks for the position of her chin and eyes. Beyoncé came in fourth place, with a score of 99.6% for her face shape and high marks for her brows, eyes, and lips.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 94.35%

Bella Hadid is a well-known American model and television personality.

She began her modeling career in 2014 and quickly rose to the top tiers of the fashion world.

Bella has worked with prestigious brands and designers, and she has appeared in numerous major advertising campaigns and editorial shoots.

Bella came in third place in terms of the Golden Ratio, with 94.35%. Hadid’s chin and eyes stood out, both scoring 99.7%, or nearly perfect.

Her brows, on the other hand, did not fare as well.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 92.44%

Beyoncé’s face was voted the best of all the celebrities.

Her overall rating was 92.44%, with her face scoring an impressive 99.6%.

She also received high marks for her forehead and eye position.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 91.81%

Ariana Grande came in fifth place with a 91.81% rating.

She received high marks for her forehead (98%), as well as her lips (96%).

However, she received lower marks for her brows and the larger-than-average gap between the top of her lips and the bridge of her nose.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 91.64%

Taylor Swift is well-known for her stunning singing voice as well as her attractive appearance.

She received a score of 91.64% on the golden ratio.

Her brows were given a lower score, preventing her from scoring higher overall.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 91.39%

She began her modeling career in 2006 and quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry.

She has modeled for top fashion houses such as Burberry, Dior, and Balmain, as well as appearing on the covers of major magazines such as British Vogue and Elle.

Jourdan received a score of 91.39% on the Golden Ratio. My analysis revealed that she scored over 97% for face structure, eyes, and the distance between her nose and lips. Jordan Dunn’s chin and nose dimensions, on the other hand, received slightly lower ratings.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 91.28%

Kim Kardashian West is a well-known American celebrity who is well-known for her work as a media personality, socialite, model, and entrepreneur.

She’s famously part of the famous ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ along with her family.

Kim received a score of 91.28% on the Golden Ratio. Her brow shape and chin received high marks. However, her lips and overall face shape detracted from her overall rating.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 91.22%

Deepika Padukone is a well-known Indian actress who primarily appears in Hindi films.

She is one of India’s highest-paid actresses and is frequently cited by the media as one of the country’s most beloved and beautiful stars.

Deepika received a score of 91.22% using the Golden Ratio, according to my findings. Her brows were nearly perfect, scoring a whopping 95.2%. Nonetheless, her nose and forehead shapes lowered her overall score slightly. Nonetheless, it’s fantastic to see a Bollywood icon on the list.

Score for the Golden Ratio: 89.63%

HoYeon Jung, from South Korea, began as a beauty pageant contestant before becoming a model and celebrity.

She’s appeared in a number of commercials. Her recent role in the Netflix hit Squid Game brought her international attention.

HoYeon’s face conforms to 89.63% of the ideal proportions according to the Golden Ratio. The width of her nose, eyes, and lips were standout features, getting high scores. But, the shape of her chin, brows, and forehead, slightly impacted her overall rating.

The golden ratio is quite a familiar concept in the world right now to determine who has the most beautiful face.

Celebs who shined on the list are Jodie Comer, Zendaya, Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jourdan Dunn, Kim Kardashian, Deepika Padukone, and HoYeon Jung. Each of these women had impressive scores for various facial aspects, though there were points deducted in certain areas.

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