How To Be Lucky At Work, According to Eastern Feng Shui

How To Be Lucky At Work, According to Eastern Feng Shui

Applying feng shui at work in daily life always brings unexpected luck. However, each zodiac sign itself is constantly cultivating, training, learning and developing to perfect every day.

Here are the instructions and advice of Eastern feng shui experts to help your reputation and career progress non-stop.

According to Eastern feng shui, the air field in the office is usually “harder” than in the house, so a beautiful picture will help the air field here become softer and easier to gather and gather.

Should choose paintings with bright, airy colors, avoid choosing pictures with dark colors, pictures of beasts or monstrous pictures. Because they can affect the psychological influence of the owner and counter the effect you want.

In addition, the azimuth depends on the gravitational pull of the Earth’s magnetic field from two sides: the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. This magnetic force not only acts directly on the Earth, helping it to rotate on its own axis, but also partly affects humans.

Therefore, when decorating the workplace, you also need to pay attention to determining the azimuth so that you can arrange appropriate decorative items. From there can bring a lot of luck and fortune for yourself.

Feng shui at work states that light has a significant impact on the space’s positive and negative energy. Therefore, in addition to its aesthetic and energy-saving significance, observing feng shui lighting in the workplace is particularly important.

You should immediately place a table lamp directly below your desk if it is in a bad feng shui position, such as being pressed up against the rafters. This little object has unexpected feng shui benefits to improve luck in addition to neutralizing deadly gas.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t place combustible or broken items close to where you work. because they will have a big impact on how far your career can go.

Feng shui identifies the left hand as the dragon fruit of the body. Do not leave this position in a disorganized state if you want to increase your salary when promoted.

If your left side is disorganized, good fortune will elude you. The candidate’s career is negatively impacted, and there is a picture of a market with a small person stalking.

Therefore, in order to keep good air circulating, to ward off evil germs, and to invite good fortune, you should always keep your desk tidy, neat, and clean.

Since trees constantly interact strongly with their surroundings, they are frequently used to deactivate deadly gases. However, there is still the need to spruce up the area for office use. Therefore, the trees in the office corner were placed there for this reason.

That is to say, fate must conform to feng shui’s precepts and guidelines. If you pick and arrange trees that aren’t suited to your needs, it will backfire and make your workspace more difficult to navigate. In particular, it is simple to cause harm to users’ financial and physical well-being.

Pick a tree that’s right for your age and fate: Better productivity and morale at work result from attracting and activating positive energies.

If you work in an environment with lots of computers and other electronic gadgets, it’s a good idea to have a plant nearby with a subtle scent to help purify the air and relieve stress.

It’s important to remember that trees with weird shapes, thorny trunks, and roughness actually make the person sitting opposite you feel more unsafe. context of your workday. In order to achieve a state of calm and relaxation, it is recommended that you select plants with large, rounded leaves as opposed to those with sharp, pointed leaves.

The above are Eastern Feng Shui tips for all zodiac signs who want to have more opportunities for salary increase and promotion at work. Hopefully through the article, you can understand more about Eastern feng shui secrets at work.

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