How To Clean and Purify Air in Your House By Salt

How To Clean and Purify Air in Your House By Salt

Each of us breathes in 18 kg of air, consumes 1.3 kg of food and 1.2 kg of water on average each day, and spends 65–90% of our time indoors. Thus, keeping the air clean is a good way to stop dangerous substances from harming people’s health, particularly the respiratory system.

Poor outdoor air quality has been associated in studies to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. Furthermore, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is more common than outdoor air pollution.

In addition, we can enumerate the following as the sources of pollution in our living areas:

• Dirt brought from outside into the house.

• Domestic waste, household appliances, construction materials,…

• Household appliance waste in the home is also potentially dangerous.

• Pet hair

Therefore, we cannot underestimate the impact of airflow in a closed room and it is necessary to have an effective indoor air cleaning solution to ensure the health and safety of the whole family. Check out some tips to improve air quality without using chemicals!

Astrea Taylor, an expert, claims that adding salt to objects in the house can cause them to release ions and kill bacteria; this acts as a kind of air purifier, bringing clean, fresh air into your space.

Because salt has antiseptic qualities as well, placing salt in the bedroom can help people feel better emotionally and sleep better and more easily. Furthermore, asthma and allergies will be less common in a clean environment, and lung function, the immune system, etc. will all be strengthened.

According to feng shui, adding salt to the bedroom will help the homeowner’s luck, repel evil spirits, combat negative energy, and revitalize the space. Place a glass of salt water in the southeast corner of your home to attract good fortune, or in the east, or in the direction of Gia Dao to promote good health. In feng shui, the combination of salt and salt crystals has powerful effects. Adding metal coins will cause reactions that will further aid in the cleansing and dispersal of negative energy.

After adding ¾ cup of salt to a glass of water in the bedroom, arrange six coins in a circle. The coin needs to be positioned on the salt with its positive side facing up. After that, add water gradually and set a glass of salt water on a piece of cloth to sit on the nightstand.

It should be noted that you should not cover the glass’s mouth when setting a glass of salt water in the space. It is best to set a glass of salt water somewhere open to the air, not in a cabinet or other enclosed space.

Furthermore, you ought to leave that saltwater glass in its original location for a full year without touching or moving it, as doing so will shatter the energy that has built up inside.

Once the intention of drawing negative energy into the glass of water has been fulfilled, discard the water.

Every two months, change the salt.

To ward off evil spirits, you can sprinkle salt outside the house in addition to keeping a glass of salt water inside.

To specifically absorb the energy of the previous owner, before moving into a new location, sprinkle salt in every room, paying special attention to the corners of the house. After a day, brush them aside and carry on with your life as normal.

According to feng shui experts, if you want your family to have plenty of money, place the salt bowl in the southeast (or lucky) corner of your home. You should add salt to the East if you wish to enhance the family’s overall health. Replace the salt bowl every two months.

After cleaning the floor with salt water, you light the incense.

Salt has the ability to “recharge new life” for interior spaces, leaving them clean and conducive to attracting positive energy into your house or place of business.

The feng shui salt bowl should be placed in unfavorable energy areas. Salt water enhances the prosperity of the home and certain aspects of life by absorbing negative energy.

Keep your hands off the bowl’s opening. For a year, do not move or touch the brine bowl; instead, leave it in its original location. The buildup of negative energy in the water bowl can be broken if it is moved. Throw away the bowl of water after you’ve finished using it to absorb any negative energy from the house.

A common feng shui technique to counteract the possible negative effects of yearly bad stars in a house or place of business is salt water healing.

The proverb “buy salt at the beginning of the year, buy lime at the end of the year” refers to the customs and habits of Vietnamese people in relation to the effects of salt on the year. The ancient people thought salt was anti-unclean, salty, good luck for the family, and a deterrent to evil spirits.

Citrus fruits have the strongest ability to eliminate germs because of their diverse antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, which many people may not be aware of. Because they are acidic, lemons also have bleaching qualities. Lemon juice works well for cleaning pots, ovens, microwaves, and even wooden chopping boards. Lemon also contributes to effective deodorization. For a natural home scent, mix lemon juice and water and mist the air.

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant with a variety of uses in home cleaning, claims Webmd. White vinegar’s acidity makes it effective at removing clots, rust, and buildup. You can create a cleaning solution by combining vinegar and water. Mold and smells in the home are also removed by using white vinegar.

Tea can be used to sanitize wooden objects in your house. Using a cloth dipped in cooled tea, give the furniture a quick wipe to keep it shining. It can also aid in cleaning and deodorizing the toilet. Moreover, odors can be readily removed by putting a few green tea leaves in the refrigerator.

An excellent way to improve the quality of the air in any home. You can arrange it in the living room, on the balcony, or as a desk decoration in a lovely pot.

Here are some ideas for indoor air-purifying plant varieties: Chrysanthemums, ornamental palms, ivy, daisies,…

In addition to eliminating airborne toxins and releasing oxygen at night to promote restful sleep, they also serve as a means of infusing the home with greater energy.

Not only do many essential oils, like menthol and cajeput oil, have antibacterial qualities, but they can also lessen airborne bacteria. Steaming your house with an essential oil diffuser will have a lot of beneficial effects.

In addition, there are a ton of other fantastic choices available, like essential oils that have been demonstrated to help lower the amount of dust mites in your home, such as eucalyptus, clove, and lavender.

Essential oils have a pleasant aroma that diffuses and helps people feel less stressed, more at ease, and sleep easier.

There is a lot of dust in the air, including fine dust that is invisible to the human eye and other chemicals. Fortunately, beeswax candles can be used to neutralize these harmful substances.

Pure beeswax candles have the benefit of being virtually smokeless and odorless, making them ideal for households with members who are prone to nasal allergies. But you should also be aware of the following two things when using beeswax candles to purify the air inside your home:

• First, avoid candles containing paraffin derived from petroleum.

• Second, be careful when lighting candles, stay away from flammable objects. You can also research LED candles for replacement and fire avoidance.

Pet owners are aware that almost everywhere you look, you can find hair, skin cells, or parasitic insects. You might eventually become allergic to these if you have a sensitive nose. Vacuum floors, pet nooks, and furniture frequently to keep them clean!

Apart from the aforementioned methods of purifying indoor air, there exist numerous other approaches that can aid in mitigating air pollution and hazardous materials: employing activated carbon, restricting the use of toxic cleaning agents within the home, and so on.

Utilizing one or more strategies will help you achieve the best indoor air quality. Wishing you luck and remembering to follow KnowInsiders for more amazing advice and knowledge!

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