Facts About The World’s Most Handsome Man – BTS Kim Nam-joon (RM)

Facts About The World’s Most Handsome Man – BTS Kim Nam-joon (RM)

Voting for “The most handsome man in the world in 2022” has been updated by TC Candler, an American website that reviews movies, art, and beauty.

As a result, Hollywood actor Henry Cavill, who has held this title for a number of years, is currently in second place behind RM, the leader of BTS (Korea).

The fact that RM outperformed the well-known “Superman” guy generated “surprise” on the social network, even though this is only a temporary statistic and the final results won’t be revealed until December.

The BTS fanclub, Army, is ecstatic about this announcement. On social media, they continue to honor and celebrate their heroes. While the ARMYs reacted with pride, many viewers from other countries were taken aback by the voting results. Many individuals compare the two celebrities’ pictures and wonder why the “Monster Hunter” actor is behind BTS’s leader. There are even those who believe that TC Candler’s vote was forged.

RM BTS, whose real name is Kim Nam Joon, is regarded as one of Kpop’s most gifted and all-powerful leaders. In addition to his remarkable rap skills, RM is well-known for being a music producer and a male role model with an IQ of 148, making him a “super brain”.

Besides being the leader of BTS, Kim NamJoon is also known by fans for his “book addiction”.

This article will provide some fascinating details about the frontman of the internationally renowned group BTS.

• Real name: Kim Nam Joon

• Stage Name: RM (formerly Rap Monster)

• Nickname: God of Destruction, Genius Leader

• Born: September 12, 1994

• Birthplace: IIsan, Gyeonggi, South Korea

• Height: 182 cm

• Weight: 67 kg

• Blood type A

• Zodiac: Virgo

• Hobbies: Music, fashion and art. Enjoyed visiting museums around the world.

• Being the eldest child in the family consisting of father, mother and younger sister

• Ideal type: A girlfriend who has a pleasant voice and can talk for hours with the guy.

RM decided to go by the stage name “Rap Monster” while still a trainee. The name “Rap Genius” is actually derived from the lyrics of a song that he wrote, inspired by San, despite the common misconception that it means he “raps like a monster”. A. E. San E claims that he should be referred to as a “rap monster” because he “raps non-stop” in one of the song’s lyrics. He thought it was “cool” to choose this stage name. RM claims that he has a love-hate relationship with the name and believes that its “incredible value” should not have led to its selection.

In November 2017, he formally changed his stage name to “RM” after deciding that “Rap Monster” no longer accurately reflected his identity or style of music. “[The name] can stand for many things,” RM stated in an Entertainment Tonight interview. There is room for more scenes.” and “Real Me” is currently thought to be one of its meanings.

RM was selected to be the group leader even though he is not the oldest member of BTS. The 148 IQ of the male rapper is just one of the factors contributing to his success, along with his amazing creative ability. He was consistently an excellent student, ranking in the top 1% of students, prior to making his debut with BTS. the top in Korea via a competency exam covering a wide range of subjects, including social studies, math, foreign languages, and Korean.

At the age of fifteen, RM taught himself English through music and movies, and the result was a TOEIC score of 850/990.

RM demonstrated his exceptional intelligence in the Korean reality show “Problematic Man” by answering every challenging and bothersome question posed by the host. In addition to being proficient in math and foreign languages, RM also possesses a broad understanding of all facets of life.

Because of this, RM represents BTS as the group’s primary spokesperson when it is operating in foreign markets. He gave the group members an opportunity to speak their minds while responding in English with ease and skill.

In addition to representing BTS twice, the male idol is the only K-pop star to be invited to address the UN General Assembly with a motivational speech.

Apart from his exceptional proficiency in foreign languages, RM’s ability to respond to questions from the media during press conferences for concerts or product launches is another quality that has earned him admiration.

RM doesn’t back down from tough questions from the press; he takes thorough notes, responds succinctly and with humor, and consistently steers clear of “slander” situations. Because of this, RM is revered and respected by BTS members, who see him as the group’s “ace” and indispensable member.

RM has been active for ten years total, if one counts the time he spent working as an underground rapper.

RM displayed a particular interest in words and poetry at a young age. He used to fill his notebook with numerous poems. Up until 2016, RM wished he could use music to tell his own stories after being inspired by Epik High’s ace Fly. Following that, RM worked as an underground rapper going by the stage name Runch Randa and practiced writing rap lyrics.

When RM graduated from high school, he had to work hard to persuade his mother that he wanted to pursue a career in music and become a producer and rapper. Even though RM had always been a straight-A student with stellar grades and a promising future, he had a hard time persuading his mother to pursue music.

He needs to decide whether to follow his passion for painting or to continue his education. As he struggled, RM told his mother, “My score is ranked 5000 in the nation, but if it’s rap, I can be first,” as he revealed in his autobiography. “Would you prefer your son to rank first or 5000th?” Despite his mother’s lack of faith in him, RM worked hard to get to where he is now after his family allowed him to follow his musical dream after this statement.

Along with Kidoh (ToppDogg), RM was also quite popular and active as a member of the underground group “Daenamhyup” under the stage name Runch Randa. RM is renowned for his deep rap lyrics and skillful rapping.

After receiving an audition invitation for a Hip Hop Studio in 2009, RM met rapper Sleepy and won Sleepy over with his impressive rapping abilities. The president of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Shi Hyuk, was then introduced to RM by Sleepy. Then, in 2010, RM joined BTS as its inaugural member. When RM took over as BTS’s leader in 2013, the group had overcome adversity to achieve its current level of success.

Both RM and bandmate Suga found it very difficult to leave the underground and pursue fame as idols because underground fans frequently harbor prejudice and animosity toward the idol industry. They believe that idols are just guys who dress and apply makeup like girls and go on stage to perform prearranged songs and dances. Many other underground rappers had mixed feelings about RM and Suga’s decision to leave the underground at that point and make their debut as idols.

Thankfully, RM has shown his detractors that idols are also real artists by creating and sharing music up until this point, even after making his debut with BTS and performing for seven years. rather than having robots perform, all over the world.

The news that TC Candler magazine was holding a vote for The Most Handsome Man of 2022 (The Most Handsome Man in the World 2022) was recently disseminated on Twitter and various news websites, such as Marca, The Daily Star. It is claimed that TC Candler revealed the voting results through the official channels, where users from all over the world cast their votes.

In actuality, for the following reasons, this is just another instance of FAKE NEWS spread to increase page views and ad revenue:

Despite his attractive appearance, Witcher actor Henry Cavill has never been named World’s Most Handsome Man in a TC Candler annual list.

Actually, no TC Candler annual list ever placed RM (Kim Nam-Joon) or Henry Cavill in the Top 5!

Therefore, it is already incorrect to say that RM from BTS defeated Henry Cavill to take first place.

Every year in December, TC Candler exclusively opens voting for the 100 Most Handsome and Beautiful Faces.

Put differently, there hasn’t even been any voting for the 2022 edition of either list, so it’s untrue to say that Henry Cavill or Kim Nam-Joon emerged victorious.

On the evening of August 23, TC Candler’s official Twitter posted a notice stating that this is incorrect information.

Full annoucement from TC Candler:

“For those who have been asking and spreading the meme… No, we have not released the 2022 Lists yet. We only ever release the Top 100 lists in late December.

As much as we like both RM (Kim Nam-Joon) and Henry Cavill, neither of them has ever been crowned the winner or even been in the Top 5.

Nothing has been decided in 2022 and nothing will be until we hold a vote in December.

If you see the meme or the news story floating around social media, please ignore and don’t share.

Thank you — TC Candler”

BTS’s enormous pay after almost nine years of operation was made possible by their widespread success. According to Business Insider, each member of the group possesses a substantial fortune valued at approximately 450 billion Vietnamese Dong (20 million USD).

which indicates that RM is thought to be worth a whopping 20–22 million USD (or 455–500 billion VND). Activities with BTS and royalties from more than 170 songs he has written over the years are his sources of income.

Owing to the substantial compensation, at the end of May 2021, RM paid $5.7 million (more than VND 130 billion) for a home in one of the priciest real estate neighborhoods in Kimchi, the Nine One Hannam area.

The male celebrity also has an abundance of branded clothing and electronics. RM’s pricey collection of Kaws bears was frequently shown to fans via livestreams from the studio. Furthermore, RM wears watches made by the luxury brand Rolex, which can cost billions of dong apiece.

Even at 28 years old, RM continues to work hard at his career and maintains a private love life. He has never been spotted with a woman, and he consistently refutes unfounded rumors about dating.

The male idol disclosed that a girl with a lovely voice, white complexion, a well-proportioned body, and elegant red Converse high boots would be his ideal type.

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