Top 10 Most Desirable Faces in Japan – The Most Admired Japanese Women

Top 10 Most Desirable Faces in Japan – The Most Admired Japanese Women

Kitagawa Keiko and Aragaki Yui are always considered Japan’s national beauty treasures, according to Oricon’s survey. In terms of physical beauty, these two ladies alternately dominate the rankings.

However, “once-in-a-century beauty” Hashimoto Kanna does not rank among the top three most desirable Japanese women in 2023/2024.

Kitagawa Keiko took first place in the ranking of Japan’s most desirable faces.

The audience’s love and admiration for the 1986 beauty has not waned in the last 15 years. She was named the most beautiful woman in Japan of all time.

Keiko has been on the list of the most admired Japanese women for many years, thanks to her beauty that is both innocent and seductive, as well as her Western features.

Kitagawa Keiko once played the role of Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) in Sailor Moon, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Heavenly Kiss, I want to eat your pancreas, Promised Land…

Aragaki Yui ranked first on the list of female stars with the most desired faces by Japanese women in 2021 and 2022.

This year, Aragaki Yui dropped to second place, making way for Kitagawa Keiko.

However, the beauty of the star born in 1988 is undeniably adored by both men and women in Japan.

She has never been absent from beauty rankings since she became famous. Aragaki Yui is known for “Love Sky”, Ranma ½, My Boss, Legal High, Code Blue, Zenkai Girl…

Imada Mio, the Japanese lingerie goddess, is in third place.

The girl was born in 1997, stands 1.57 m tall, but her fiery body and natural face make her a notable young model.

Imada Mio is a young model who was embroiled in a sexual relationship with a married man. In the face of the accusations, the beauty remained silent. This scandal, however, does not diminish the public’s affection for Imada Mio.

In 2023, Imada Mio also received high praise when the movie Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon (My Happy Marriage) became a fever, achieving many outstanding achievements.

Hashimoto Kanna, 24, is a well-known Japanese star who has dabbled in a variety of fields such as idol singer, film, musical…

She is only 1.52 m tall, but her face is clear and sharp, and she is said to be as beautiful as an angel.

Kanna is known as “the once-in-a-lifetime idol” and “the most beautiful idol” in the land of the rising sun… The beauty born in 1999 caused Kanna’s management company website to become clogged at the age of 14 due to an increase in traffic.

Hashimoto Kanna is the most beautiful star under the age of 20, the star who makes Japanese men the most desirable.

Hashimoto Kanna is also well-known for her dedication to filming. Despite having her beautiful image ruined, she is not afraid to wear bad makeup and take on “crazy” roles.

Some famous movies that Hashimoto Kanna participated in include Ring Finger for the King, Red Riding Hood Detective (Once upon a Crime), Gintama (Silver Soul), Kingdom, From Today, It’s Your Turn me!, Assassination Classroom,…

Hirose Suzu, born in 1998, is the fifth most natural beauty in Japan (2019). She is known as the “school goddess” and was once ranked first on the list of the most beautiful natural beauties in Japan.

In 2017, she was the female celebrity with the most expensive advertising shows in Japan. After collaborating on the film “April Lies,” she is dating Japan’s most famous actor, Yamazaki Kento.

She joined showbiz in 2012 and attracted attention through the films Umimachi Diary (Little Sister), Your Lie in April, Let’s Go, Jets!, Anone, Chihayafuru: Musubi, Laplace’s Witch…

Excellent acting talent helped Hirose Suzu receive awards from the Japanese Academy many times such as Best New Actor (2016), Best Actress (2017), Best Supporting Actress (2018). .

The new generation of Japanese kimono beauty ranked sixth due to her beautiful face like morning dew, both clear and lively, and with a cold and arrogant temperament. “Hamabe Minami is as beautiful as a pure snowflake, with the pink beauty of cherry blossoms” , “The Kimono suits her so well, this is probably the most beautiful actress wearing a Kimono I’ve ever known” …

The actress has received “winged” compliments from the audience.

The beauty born in 2000 is the most famous young star in Japan with famous works such as: I want to eat your pancreas, Monster on the side table, Monarchy teacher, Archimedes War, Kakegurui (Betting Academy). ), Catch Game, Hello World, Detective Conan: The Bright Red Bullet, We’ve Lost Our Minds, Godzilla Minus One…

Ishihara Satomi, a national beauty, is ranked seventh on Oricon’s list. Ishihara Satomi was born in 1986, and her radiant smile, slim nose bridge, and plump lips captivated both male and female audiences.

Not only outstandingly beautiful, Ishihara Satomi also owns a huge cinematic fortune with famous works throughout Asia such as Monster Z (2014), Attack on Titan (2015), Shin Godzill (2016)… In the field of television picture, she is also loved through the films Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012), Shitsuren Chocolatier (2014), Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko (2016), From Five To Nine (2015).

Ranked 8th is model and actress born in 1995 – Haruna Kawaguchi.

Kawaguchi is known for his leading roles in the Japanese drama “Ouran High School Host Club” and the horror film “POV – A Cursed Film”, and more “Zekkyo Gakkyu”, “Say, I love you”, “One Week Friends”, “The Way of the Househusband”,…

Haruna was born on the Gotoo Islands in Nagasaki, Japan. Haruna is the younger of two sisters. When she was nineteen years old, her father died. She entered a modeling competition and won first place in the Grand Prix in 2007. In the same year, she made her modeling debut. In 2008, she made her television debut on Fitenshen TV, a children’s variety show. On the same show, she made her singing debut.

9th is famous actress Kasumi Arimura. Kasumi Arimura was born in 1993, known for films such as: Female Diver (2013), Strobe Edge (2015), Flying Colors, I Am a Hero, Itsuka Kono Koi o Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau, Teacher is Forever Young, Wanderer Kenshin 3 parts, High School Diary, Our love is as beautiful as a flower…

Kasumi Arimura has won prizes from the Japanese Academy many times.

Yuriko Ishida, a veteran actress, is in last place.

Yuriko Ishida was born in the Aichi Prefecture of Nagoya. Her family soon relocated to Tokyo. As a child, she traveled to and lived in Hyogo Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Taiwan due to her father’s work.

In 1987, she appeared in an ANA commercial for Okinawa. Her television debut was in 1987, and she has been prolific since then. In 1988, she appeared in the TV series Umi No Gunsei (‘Sea’s Constellation’) and the film Kanashi Iro Yanen (‘Sad Colors’). In 1999, she and her sister established their own agency. In 2005, she won the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Kita No Zeronen.

She is a writer and actress with a diverse resume that includes voice acting, serials, and films. Ishida Hikari, her sister, is also an actress. In 2016, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 91st Television Drama Academy Awards for Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu. Ishida keeps his hair short and masculine. Swimming, strolling, taking baths, writing, and reading are among her favorite pastimes. Yuriko is an author who has published eight books. In 2017, she had a dog and two cats.

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