Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces In the World by TC Candler

Top 10 Most Beautiful Faces In the World by TC Candler

TC Candler – the famous American film, art and beauty review site – has just announced the list of the top most beautiful faces in the world.

In the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” category, the highest place belonged to Jasmine Tookes. The beauty has European, African, Brazilian and Indian blood with healthy brown skin. She is best known as “Victoria’s Secret Angel” and is also the daughter-in-law of the vice president of Ecuador.

“Underwear angel” Jasmine Tookes triumphed over numerous well-known roses to be named the 2022 World Beauty with the Most Beautiful Face. The public was taken aback by the female model’s ascent to the top of the table this year.

In 2018, she gave a performance of Fantasy Bra, which was valued at $3 million USD. The American with the long legs is also included in Forbes’ list of the highest paid models for 2016.

Jasmine Tookes is referred to as the “Black Pearl of the Model Village” because of her strikingly beautiful face and exceptionally attractive body. The wealthy husband of the Victoria’s Secret angel, Juan David Borrero, who is also the CEO of Snapchat and the son of Ecuador’s vice president, brings wealth and happiness into their marriage.

Angel Jasmine Tookes in lingerie posing by the transparent glass door:

On February 1, 1991, Jasmine was born in California, USA. She began working as a model at a very young age. When Jasmine, then 15 years old, accompanied her mother in a fashion show, a model trainer took an interest in her. She signed an official contract with the Los Angeles-based modeling agency shortly after that.

Because of the attractiveness of her four bloodlines—African, West Indian, European, and Brazilian—Jasmine started her modeling career at a young age.

After Tyra Banks and Selita Ebanks, Jasmine is the third black Victoria’s Secret angel in history to don this million-dollar bra. Jasmine Tookes also made an appearance in the list of the 20 highest paid models worldwide this year.

The vocalist Nancy from Momoland comes in second. Thanks to her American-Korean ancestry, the 2000 beauty is known for her enthralling beauty.

The “hybrid rose” from kimchi has now been featured in TC Candler’s book of the 100 most attractive faces in the world five times.

Nancy was born on April 13, 2000, into a family consisting of a Korean-born violinist for a mother and a former US soldier for a father. She demonstrated her skill at an early age. She participated in Korea’s Got Talent and made appearances in children’s fashion sets. She distinguishes herself from her peers because of her beauty.

Nancy of Momoland is not just a singer; she’s also a musician and TV personality.

Nancy has been a part of numerous scandals, but she is well-known. Additionally, a portion of Momoland’s own fan base shunned her.

Third place on the list went to Lisa BLACKPINK. She exudes a stunning appearance, excellent charisma, and chic sense of style. The Golden Temple’s splendor is consistently recognized in both domestic and global beauty contests.

Although Lisa fell two spots from the previous year, the public still finds this powerful female idol to be among the sexiest faces in show business. The newest member of BLACKPINK possesses a sophisticated sense of style and a doll-like beauty. Lisa’s unparalleled status in the global beauty “arena” is a result of her exceptional beauty, sophisticated sense of style, and talent.

Born on March 27, 1997, Lisa (real name Pranpriya Manoban) is a rapper and lead dancer for the YG Entertainment-signed girl group BLACKPINK.

Lisa is fluent in four languages: English, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. In addition, she is YG Entertainment’s first-ever foreign member.

In 2010, Lisa demonstrated her exceptional talent when she emerged victorious from YG’s audition held in Thailand. One of the unique elements that contributed to BLACKPINK’s rapid success was Lisa. since the beginning.

The exquisite lines on Lisa’s face have earned her the title of “living doll” beauty. After only four months of making her BLACKPINK debut in 2016, Lisa demonstrated that her beauty is exceptional by being listed among the world’s most beautiful faces. Lisa then continued to show up in TC Candler’s rankings in 2017 and 2018, coming in at 15th and 9th place, respectively.

Lisa is valued not just for her attractiveness but also for her extraordinary talent. She frequently astounded and astounded online users with her exquisite dancing skills. Lisa has demonstrated her dancing skills on solo stages at BLACKPINK concerts even though she hasn’t made her official solo debut. Her alluring and seductive movements captured the attention of many internet users.

The remaining 3 members of Blackpink, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie respectively ranked at 13, 15, 24. The most surprising thing this year is that the runner-up of Miss International Peace 2022 – Engfa Waraha this year also entered this year. top 46 of the chart.

Dasha Taran, a well-known Russian female model and YouTuber, is in fourth place. With her clear eyes and endearing smile, the 1999 beauty exudes an entrancing, sweet, angelic beauty. She is a Korean-born Russian model.

She is a fashion blogger and model with millions of followers on Weibo, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Having starred in numerous promotional videos since childhood, Dasha Taran has gained fame in Russia. She created profiles on numerous social media platforms, which increased her fame. As a result, the attractive woman has advertising contracts from other countries, particularly China and Korea.

First appearing in TC Candler’s ranking, Sitala took 5th place. The beauty is known as a singer, dancer and model from Thailand.

Sitala, nicknamed “Luk Nang”, is one of four members of H1-KEY, a band signed to the South Korean label GLG (Grandline Group).

Sitala full name is Sitala Wongkrachang, is the daughter of famous Thai actor Sarunyu Wongkrachan.

The famous actress, model, and YouTuber Ivana Alawi is next on the list. She currently owns one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the Philippines and attracts more than 9.2 million followers on Instagram.

She is considered the most popular star in the Philippine entertainment industry at the moment, thanks to her perfect beautiful face and hot body.

Yael Shelbia ranked 7th, this is the 6th time the model – actress has appeared on TC Candler’s annual list. She has a beauty likened to a goddess with sharp, enchanting lines, especially big blue eyes, high nose bridge and full lips.

Egyptian actress and model Mai Omar first appeared in TC Candler’s list of 100 most beautiful faces in the world with 8th place. She is one of the most influential stars in her homeland with her website. Instagram attracts more than 12.8 million followers.

Nana, a Korean singer-actress, took the next spot. Perfect beauty contributes to the 9X beauties’ constant appearance in beauty rankings; of these, TC Candler honored 10 times and held the top spot for two years in 2014 and 2015.

Born in 1991, Nana (real name: Im Jin Ah) is a South Korean model, singer, and actress. She belongs to the After School group and the Orange Caramel subgroup. She is well-known for having a stunning appearance, an elegant figure, and harmonious lines—especially her long, slim, and alluring legs. Despite her continued controversy surrounding her appearance, TC Candler’s rankings of the world’s most beautiful celebrities consistently place her at the top.

International audiences recognize beauty and talent, but in reality, Nana faced many challenges in Korea, including being shunned because of her appearance.

Tzuyu of Twice music group is the final name in the top ten. Taiwan’s beauty makes fans fall in love with her face without a “dead angle,” her charismatic charm, and her ability to be the center of attention every time she appears in front of the camera.

The 23-year-old star consistently ranks high on TC Candler’s annual list, including first place in 2019.

Tzuyu is constantly praised for her beauty and charisma. She is a goddess when she performs on stage. Even with her natural beauty, Tzuyu captivates passers-by with her outstanding visual.

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