Who Are the Most Beautiful Women in Africa?

Who Are the Most Beautiful Women in Africa?

Women of color have their own unique kind of beauty. Black exudes sexiness, audacity, and self-assurance. African women are naturally beautiful, self-assured beings. These African women have brains to match their beauty and strength to match their intelligence.

Take a look at these 15 stunning African women who have captivated the world with their intelligence and style.

Date Of Birth: 18 September 1993

Place Of Birth: Tsolo, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Height: 5’10

Profession: Model

Zozibini Tunzi, the most recent Miss Universe, is the first black woman to win the title since 2011. She is the third South African woman to hold the title. She is an activist working to eradicate violence against women. Even at her young age of 26, she is making a lot of effort to alter people’s perceptions of prevalent gender stereotypes. More inspirational women like Tunzi are needed in the modern world.

Date Of Birth: 1991

Place Of Birth: Logan, Utah, USA

Height: 5’8

Profession: Model

This African woman is the epitome of intelligence and beauty. She aspires to be a health advisor for Engineers Without Borders and hopes to make a difference in the world in any way she can. Jawahir is represented by the modeling agency Stars Talent Group. In 2013, she represented Somalia in the Miss Africa Utah pageant, which she won.

Date Of Birth: 16th June, 1988

Place Of Birth: Malakal, South Sudan

Height: 5’10

Profession: Model

Atong Demach, a South Sudanese businesswoman, is yet another African woman with both beauty and brains. She has strived for success from an early age and is extremely hardworking. She won the title of Miss World Africa in 2011.

Date Of Birth: 31st May, 1983

Place Of Birth: Congo, Africa

Height: 5’9

Profession: Actor, Model

Joelle is best known for her role as Zina in the 2013 film Zulu. She started her career in acting at the young age of 19. She is highly admired by her fellow stars for her perseverance to work and grow as an actor.

Date Of Birth: 1987

Place Of Birth: Nigeria

Height: 5’11

Profession: Model

Adaora Akubilo is deeply attached to her native land, Nigeria. She spent a long time learning about her land and culture before she got signed by a modeling agency. She is one of the fittest models in the world and has appeared in the 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions.

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Date Of Birth: 16th September, 1990

Place Of Birth: Namibia, Africa

Height: 6’1

Profession: Actor, Model

Dillish Mathews is well-known for his appearance on the reality television show Big Brother. She is a psychology student who has been interested in education since she was seven years old. She has participated in a number of photo shoots to help launch her modeling career.

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Date Of Birth: 1st March, 1983

Place Of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Height: 5’5

Profession: Actress

Lupita was raised in Kenya even though she was born in Mexico. She received a degree from Hampshire College in Film and Theater Studies. She is well known for having striking features that set her apart from the crowd. People Magazine dubbed her “The Most Beautiful Woman” in 2014.

Date Of Birth: 15th October, 1981

Place Of Birth: South Africa

Height: 5’9

Profession: TV presenter​, actress​, and producer

Nonhle Thema, a South African woman, is a famous television personality. She has been in showbiz for quite some time and has made her mark in the TV world as a star.

Date Of Birth: 6th November 1972

Place Of Birth: Zambia

Height: 5’6

Profession: Actor

Many people are familiar with Thandie Newton from her roles in classic movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Mission: Impossible 2. She is well known for having a great acting career. She claims that because she is black, she experienced racism from a young age. She was teased at school a lot. She was stronger as a result of everything and returned with greater assurance. More strength to her!

Year Of Birth: 1977

Place Of Birth: Kenya

Height: 5’4

Profession: Musician and artist

Miriam is a highly skilled performance artist from East Africa. As a child, she took an active part in theater and music programs in Tanzania and Kenya. She has performed at multiple music festivals and has grown in popularity among Africans in general. R&B and hip-hop are expertly merged in Miriam’s songs.

Date Of Birth: 6th January 1976

Place Of Birth: Bordeaux, France

Height: 5’8

Profession: Journalist

This intellectual and fiercely gorgeous woman has worked with CNN as an anchor for the longest time. She is of Sierra Leonean and British descent. She is a popular media personality who has strong opinions on important subjects such as racial and gender equality.

Date Of Birth: 21st November 1982

Place Of Birth: Ghana

Profession: Actor

Nadia Buari, a Ghanaian actress, has been nominated twice for Best Actress in a Leading Role by the Africa Movie Academy. A well-known actress in Nollywood, Nadia is widely respected for her work and contribution to the Nigerian film industry.

Date Of Birth: 26th February, 1986

Place Of Birth: Angola

Height: 5’10

Profession: Actress and TV hostess

Many of the world’s most attractive women are renowned to call Angola home. Leila Lopes is one of them, by coincidence. She is well known for having extraordinary beauty. Leila has distinguished herself in the modeling industry by winning Miss Universe 2011, Miss Angola 2010, and Miss Angola UK 2010.

Date Of Birth: 30th July, 1990

Place Of Birth: Rwanda

Height: 5’10

Profession: Model

This young woman from Rwanda immigrated to Canada in the late ‘90s. She began her modeling career at the early age of 16. She worked with the reputed model Naomi Campbell in the Roca Wear Spring 2005 campaign.

Date Of Birth: 24th September, 1981

Place Of Birth: Belville, South Africa

Height: 5’9

Profession: Model and social media personality

This stunning African woman started her career by making appearances in commercials and ads. At a young age, she relocated to London in order to pursue her acting career. It wasn’t long before she appeared on the cover of the well-known Dutch Maxim magazine. She quickly won the 2003 and 2004 titles of Model of the Year.

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